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From its sharp looks and excellent value to its incredible sustainability pedigree, we’re huge fans of TimberTech composite decking.

For the unfamiliar: 

  • TimberTech uses recycled plastic and wood to produce decking that looks stunningly similar to natural wood, but stands up infinitely better to life outdoors. 
  • By eschewing the frequent weatherproofing, maintenance, repairs, and replacement required to keep wood decks safe and attractive, TimberTech saves homeowners time and money. 
  • TimberTech also helps to keep trees in the ground and decking out of landfills by building highly durable composite decking that lasts anywhere from two to five times as long as natural wood decking. 

In terms of sustainability, lifetime value, ease of installation, maintenance requirements, and aesthetic appeal, TimberTech is an excellent choice for your landscape project.

Curious to see TimberTech in action? Let’s take a look at seven of our favorite Yardzen projects with TimberTech decking.

Timbertech Weathered Teak deck in Denver, CO
This wraparound deck uses extra-long treads to offer informal seating, while wide open edges create a strong connection with the surrounding yard.

Snow, sun, and dry air – the things that make Denver nice for people make it challenging for wood decks. 

To save themselves the time and effort of maintaining a deck in the Denver climate, this Yardzen client opted for TimberTech’s 100% polymer (and super durable) AZEK decking to create this beautiful backyard design. 

The wraparound stairs create a strong sense of connection between the dining area and the lower yard, while the oversized stair treads let them double as informal seating. 

Low profile lighting recessed into the stair risers makes for safe wayfinding while adding a subtle but strong note of modern style. The metal frame and minimal design of the lights complements the deep gray and clean lines of the attached pergola

To contrast these smooth, dark elements, the design calls upon the Weathered Teak decking finish, whose subtle color variation and texture has the warm, approachable feel of vintage furniture.

Timbertech French White Oak deck in Portland, OR
A low-slung TimberTech deck helps this Portland homeowner avoid moisture damage.

In rainy Portland, wood decks take a beating. Moisture is a deck’s worst enemy, leading to cracking, warping, mold, mildew, and rot. 

Keen to avoid moisture damage, this client opted for TimberTech decking, again going with the 100% polymer AZEK line for maximum durability.

The French White Oak color – a new addition to the range of TimberTech finishes – subtly blends tan and gray tones for a clean but lived-in (and a little beachy) look. It looks soft as it looks sharp.

The low-slung deck, perched one step up from the surrounding yard, flows seamlessly into the adjacent spaces, lending the design a cohesive, unified feel, even as the pergola overhead implies the deck as a distinct zone.

Timbertech deck in Whitewashed Cedar with stock tank pool in Austin, TX
A simple notch in this deck elevates the stock tank pool from rustic to refined.

This design elevates the humble stock tank pool by embedding it – or at least half of it – into a TimberTech deck. Not only does this make it easy to jump between soaking and sunbathing, it saves the prefab, above-ground pool from its own “objectyness” by weaving it into the fabric of the overall design.

Low enough to safely skip guard rails, you can see from this view how the deck’s open edges create a strong connection with the surrounding spaces. The view to the fire pit in the distance establishes a playful visual axis, offering a chance to get warm at either end of the yard.

Social Front Yard in Los Angeles with Timbertech deck in French White Oak
A spacious front deck makes for a well-shaded social front yard in sunny Los Angeles.

Famously pleasant all year long, Los Angeles is tough to beat for outdoor living. 

This design makes the most of the SoCal climate by expanding a front porch into a roomy composite deck. TimberTech’s French White Oak finish matches the existing wood siding and fence planks, presenting a cohesive, high-contrast palette of bright wood and dark trim to maximize curb appeal.

An open plan and prefab seating allow the deck to quickly adapt to a variety of uses and group sizes, encouraging any number of events, from parties with friends, to playdates (kids on the lawn, parents up above with big coffees), to spontaneous hangouts with the neighbors. Score one for social front yards!

Backyard in San Francisco, CA with Timbertech deck in Tigerwood
Tigerwood TimberTech decking brings the look and feel of tropical hardwood without the environmental challenges.

With a hand-scraped finish and board-to-board color variation, TimberTech’s Tigerwood finish is a dead ringer for real wood (it’s also one of their most popular color options).

Here, the warm brown color of Tigerwood decking lends a luxurious, tropical feel to this poolside design. Opting for composite decking also protects the homeowner from the moisture damage that commonly afflicts poolside wooden decks.

A narrow stretch of decking along the long edge of the pool has an outsized impact, framing the pool while creating a broad shared edge with the lower kitchen and dining zone

A lush planting design of billowing grasses and leafy shrubs evokes the tropics as well, but calling upon drought-tolerant plants like Deergrass, Berkeley Sedge, and Bay Laurel to replace thirstier ornamental species.

Timbertech deck in Denver, CO backyard in Castle Gate
Decking and a pergola in cool neutrals convert an underutilized corner into an attractive outdoor dining room.

Faced with an awkward nook that roasted in reflected heat from the walls of this Denver home, this design makes the inhospitable hospitable, tucking in a pergola with a sun- and rain-blocking roof covering to create a breeze-cooled outdoor dining room. 

The pergola rests on a TimberTech deck in the Castle Gate color, which evokes reclaimed wood in a range of gray tones. In its color variation, the decking is like a darker version of the multi-toned light gray pavers used in the lower yard. 

A single step up to the deck strikes a good balance, distinguishing the dining zone from its surroundings without sacrificing the open feel of the lower seating area.

Glenview, IL backyard with Timbertech deck in Driftwood
TimberTech decking in a Driftwood finish evokes a transitional indoor-outdoor zone in this Chicagoland backyard.

To create an indoor-outdoor feel, this Chicagoland design places a broad TimberTech deck outside two rear exterior doorways. The deck sits midway between the doors’ elevation and that of the lower yard, offering a large transitional zone that feels like a continuation of the home’s interior spaces. 

Furnishings on the deck, arranged on-axis with the French doors, beckon people to ditch the indoor living room in favor of an outdoor one. 

By opting for movable furniture, the deck design also adapts easily to other uses, absorbing or shedding furniture as the situation may demand.

The Driftwood finish of the deck pairs well with the gray house, and sits comfortably within the color palette of the concrete pavers and gravel wrapping its edges.

Get started with your landscape design by Yardzen

Yardzen’s award-winning online exterior and landscape design is tailored to homeowners in all fifty states in the US, and can include composite decking design renderings with real TimberTech colors and materials to help you visualize your finished yard and live better outside.

Our design process begins with understanding your space, your aesthetic preferences, and a discussion of your budget and vision to minimize surprises when it comes time to build. 

Our top-notch designers then develop a personalized vision for your yard, shared through 3D renderings, 2D plan drawings, and plant and material lists. Your design will capture the look, feel, and function you are hoping for, all while keeping costs within range

Once your design is complete, we’ll help you connect with a local contractor from our Pro Network of vetted professional landscapers to install your new design.

For clients with decking in their design, this is also order a great time to order a free TimberTech Yardzen Samples Kit to help you lock in your final decking selections.

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