We’re a group of people who believe life is best lived outside.


Inspire outdoor living, create enduring value and enrich lives.

When we needed Yardzen, it wasn’t there.

When the Tubbs fire ravaged Northern California late one night in October 2017, our co-founders Allison and Adam fled with their young kids as their neighborhood burned. Months after the harrowing fire was extinguished, they navigated the landscaping process and shared the realization that there has to be a better way. One that doesn’t cost property owners like them tens of thousands of dollars for the design alone. But delivers a plan that provides every bit as much value as traditional landscape design, and connects to a vetted contractor to bring the vision to life.

So they set out to come up with one.

We're Yardzen.

We’re passionate horticulturalists, inventive software engineers, world-class landscape architects, exterior designers, creative marketers, construction experts, curious product managers, operations whizzes and experienced company builders — with a shared vision to help you live better outside.


Nearly all of our designers have thriving practices outside of Yardzen. Think of Yardzen as a unique opportunity to have an exceptional talent work on your space in a way that’s also efficient for you.


We use satellite imagery, top 3D rendering software, plant and data science to arm our designers with the best tools available.


Excellent customer experience is one of our core values. Our team is full of experts that can solve any question and will be with you untill the last plant is installed.


As a general rule, every Yardzen design includes low-water plants and a few attractors that lay the groundwork for wildlife corridors. We believe that if we all do a little, we can do a lot.

Leadership Team

Allison Messner
Chief Executive Officer

Adam Messner

Tara Syed
Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer

Griffin Mahoney
VP of Engineering

Kendra Poppy
Head of Brand

Alicia Kim
Head of Product

Grace Carlson
Director of Merchandising Operations

Jenn Pavlick
Director of Designer Operations

Design Leadership Team

Kevin Lenhart
Design Director & Landscape Architect

M.S. Landscape Architecture, University of California, Berkeley

We’ve been recognized as an innovator and industry leader by category-defining awards

We don’t want to brag, but some smart people have said some very nice things about us

“The Yardzen process was fast and easy; I didn’t have to measure anything, and there was very little thinking required on my end. I was pleased.”

“Yardzen will help you rethink your outdoor space, find a contractor and make sure the work is done properly.”

“If you want to landscape your yard, start with Yardzen.”

“Yardzen’s new one-stop shop can make any mood board come to life.”

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“Online landscape design for all is here.”


We’re backed by leading venture capital investors, joining us in our mission to help people live better lives, outside.