Our Mission:

To design exceptional outdoor spaces for real people, all online.

Using technology, to deliver an experience that’s better than the one you’d expect from the traditional, analog design process. And to see your project all the way through to completion.

But above all, to help you and your loved ones spend more quality time together, outside. (And boost your property value while we’re at it through smart outdoor renovation investments!)


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After going through the process of designing the outdoors at our own property, we realized there has to be a better way. One that doesn't cost property owners many thousands of dollars for the design alone. But delivers a plan that provides every bit as much value as traditional landscape design. So we set out to come up with one. 

We started at our own home in California (pictured above), after it had suffered damage in the 2017 wildfires. The full story is here. We worked with our first designer to create a plan to bring the yard back to life — without stepping foot on the property. We quickly hired software engineers, horticulturalists, landscape designers and architects to join the team and perfect the process. We hope you love Yardzen.

- Allison and Adam Messner, founders of Yardzen


We don’t want to brag, but some smart people have said some very nice things about us.



We're taking a fresh approach.

We’re reinventing landscape design. We've rethought the entire process, with the singular goal of getting you an inspired and actionable design created by a talented designer or architect. Informed by your budget. And without the hassles and exorbitant costs.

Exceptional design. No inefficiencies.


We've pinpointed the parts of the outdoor space design process that are flat-out frustrating, or add unnecessary time and cost.


A technology-forward process.

We use satellite imagery to measure your yard, data to understand what plants should thrive in your soil and state-of-the-art 3D rendering software to show you (rather than tell you) what your design will look like installed. Tech doesn't replace our designers, but rather empowers them.


We're helping you get the project done, once and for all.

A well-designed yard can easily add 15% to the value of your home. But tackling small projects one at a time, without a cohesive design, often results in hodgepodge outdoor space with plants that barely hang on.



We're encouraging good choices.

By steering our clients towards sustainable options in their respective patches of Earth, we could make a sizable positive impact. That's why all Yardzen designs come with native, climate-adapted plants by default. We'll politely propose plants that create habitats for butterflies and gently encourage you to consider lawn alternatives. We'll educate you on the impact of Ipe harvesting and propose some great alternatives that work for your budget and lifestyle.

Read more about our design philosophy.



Investors in our mission:

We’re backed by some of the industry’s leading investors, joining us in our mission to help people live better lives, outside.