What is Yardzen?

Yardzen is reinventing landscape design. Our delightful, all-online design process helps homeowners reimagine their outdoor spaces, including plants, hardscaping, functional spaces (kitchens, pergolas, playspaces), and the exterior of their home, including paint, siding, windows, doors, and roofing.

Yardzen’s talented team of designers and horticulturists use your photos and videos, combined with technology, data, and plant science, to design your outdoor spaces without ever stepping foot on your property. After completing the design portion of the process, we help connect you with a local, vetted contractor who can install your design.


Who is Yardzen for?

Yardzen is for anyone who has a yard an outdoor space and wants to improve it.

How is Yardzen different than traditional landscape design?

Yardzen’s process and scope of work set us apart from traditional landscape design.

We created Yardzen as an alternative to the time and cost-intensive process of traditional landscape design. Through our online design studio, we empower homeowners and designers with technology, connecting clients with the best design talent, working on your timeline (no mid-day site visits), and keeping costs low.

In refining the process of landscape design, we’ve also realized the limitations of traditional landscaping’s scope of work. We design outdoor spaces that help our clients live better, more beautiful, and sustainable lives outside. We are a one-stop-shop for everything from plantings and hardscape to functional alfresco rooms and exterior design, including paint, windows and doors, and roofing.

What are Yardzen's sustainability practices?

Our favorite topic! Our core ethos is that anyone who has ownership over a patch of Earth has the responsibility to effect positive change. We’re a team of landscape designers & LEED-certified architects, environmental consultants, conservationists, even beekeepers. We’re here to empower people to make sustainable decisions about your outdoor spaces. As a general rule, every Yardzen design includes climate-adapted and pollinator-supporting plants. We believe that if we all do a little we can do a lot.

What do Yardzen designs not include?

It’s just as important to share what we don’t do as it is to share what we do. Our designs are the “master plan” for your outdoor renovation and provide recommended materials, layout, and everything else a landscaping contractor should need to create a bid and begin work. That said, (and because we get this question a lot) the cost for our design packages doesn’t include the actual of materials and installation of the design—that cost will be determined by the contractors who bid your project after design is complete.

The local, vetted contractors in our Pro Network, who we’ll happily connect you to, can properly implement drainage solutions and irrigation when it is time to break ground. Though at this time our designs don’t include drainage and irrigation plans.

Our designers have knowledge around basic codes like setback rules, easements, and fence heights (these don’t tend to vary much) but unique city-specific codes should be reported to us during the onboarding process, we won’t independently pull these to inform your design.

If your design includes elements that are complex, custom, or not pre-fab, there’s a chance you’ll need to engage with a structural engineer or architect when it comes time to build because our designs don’t include construction-level details for elements like swimming pools, ADUs, second-story decks, gas-lines and electrical lines.

What can be included in a Yardzen design?

Yardzen designs can include essentially anything you might want in your outdoor space. This list is not exhaustive so if there’s something you don’t see here, but want, please reach out. We almost certainly can design it.

Patios, Decks, Swimming Pools, Pergolas, Pet Spaces, Kids’ Play Spaces, Trampolines, Hot Tubs and Spas, Fences, Saunas, Outdoor Kitchens, Firepits, Plunge Pools, Edible Gardens, Social Front Yards, Driveways, Front Entries, Garage Doors, Exterior Siding. (And more! Just ask.)

What are the terms of service for the Outdoor Living Giveaway?

About our Process

How does Yardzen work?

After purchasing a Yardzen design package, we’ll take you to our online onboarding, where you’ll share photos and videos, inspiration images, answer a couple of questions about your preferences, how you want to use your outdoor space, and take a style quiz!

After you submit your onboarding materials, if your package includes photorealistic 3D renders, we’ll get to work on creating a model of your home and property, which will serve as the canvas on which we create your design. You’ll receive your House Model about a week after submitting your materials.

Three to four weeks following delivery of your House Model (or following submitting onboarding materials, if your package doesn’t include 3D renders), you’ll receive the first draft of your design renders. One reason we love using renders throughout the design process is this allows our clients to envision their future outdoor space and provide detailed feedback in our Feedback Studio. This part of the journey is interactive and iterative. We’ll respond to all of your questions and feedback and then get to work implementing revisions to perfect your final design.

At the end of our process, you’ll receive your final design, which includes photorealistic 3D renders or illustrative 2D renders, a thorough plant, material, and furniture list, and a few other deliverables based on your purchased package.

Next, we’ll shift toward bringing your new outdoor space to life. Our Build Support team will connect you to a vetted contractor in your area to get your design installed. If we don’t yet have a vetted pro in your area, we’ll work to research, vet and identify a contractor we expect to be a good fit for your project.

Learn more about how Yardzen works!

Do you only design in certain styles? How about my style?

Yardzen works with hundreds of highly skilled designers who practice in the full spectrum of landscape and exterior styles. We guarantee that we have a designer who specializes in your specific aesthetic. Check out our gallery to see more.

How do you know my style?

At the beginning of the Yardzen design process, you’ll take a thorough style quiz, answer a number of questions about your yard’s form and function, and share inspiration photos. From all of this information, we’ll have a good sense of what you’re imagining for your outdoor space.

What can you tell me about Yardzen designers?

Yardzen designers are industry stars, with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in design and landscape architecture. We’ve created a unique platform for talented professionals to work on projects like yours. Think of Yardzen as an opportunity to have exceptional talent work on your outdoor space in a way that’s also incredibly efficient for you.

Will I be able to talk to my designer during my design?

As a Yardzen client, you’ll have a talented team of professionals working behind the scenes on your design, including a designer or architect, a horticulturist, a build expert, and our fantastic Customer Support (CS) team. Our CS team is at the ready to answer any questions and relay any pertinent information to your design team. After completing tens of thousands of landscape designs and experimenting with many approaches, we’ve settled on this process as the most delightful and efficient experience for all involved.

However, if speaking directly to members of our design team during the design process is important to you, we offer a Premium package that includes calls with our team.

If you don’t purchase Premium but end up wanting to talk through your ideas or feedback with our team instead of leaving written feedback in the design studio, you are able to book a call with our team for a fee.

How do you know the right plants for my (unique) property?

We’ve built a world-class database of plants, trees, and groundcovers that match up to planting zones, sun, shade, and water requirements, styles, and special features, like “deer-proof,” “non-toxic for pets,” and “year-round blooms”.

After you purchase a package, you’ll have the opportunity to take a plant preferences quiz during your onboarding. Additionally, we use satellite imagery coupled with detailed photos and videos of your property to assess sun and shade patterns throughout the day. We also have a horticulturist who makes the final calls when choosing your design’s plant palette in your final design.

Where does Yardzen currently design?

Yardzen designs in all states across the United States! We have experts in every climate and style who can design and build a sustainable yard for your unique space.

What is the Premium design package?

Our Premium package is our most personalized design package. It includes all the components of our standard packages, our award-winning digital design tools and online feedback studio, plus deeper support from our team of experts.

In the Premium experience, you will have a dedicated concierge team and calls with your designer throughout your journey. You’ll also have an additional round of revisions, meaning two visits to the feedback studio instead of one to make sure your final design meets your expectations. It’s an ideal solution if you feel less comfortable with an all-online process, need more help describing your vision and needs, or have an overly complex project.  For more information, email us at [email protected].

Exterior Design

What is exterior design?

At Yardzen, “exterior design” or “exterior home design” refers to exterior-of-home design choices, like paint, siding, windows, doors, roofing, lighting, and decor, that when combined with landscape design creates your dream outdoor space. Learn more about Yardzen’s exterior design offerings.

Why do you offer exterior design?

Over the last two years, we’ve realized how closely coupled a home’s exterior is with its landscaping. In fact, the only time you experience your yard without your home’s exterior is when you’re inside looking out. Paint, siding, windows, and doors are the backdrop for your yard’s plants, hardscape, functional spaces, and furniture.

Which packages include exterior design?

Yardzen’s Outdoor Transformation and Premium packages include both custom landscape design and exterior design. The difference between the two is that Premium is a more hands-on experience that includes calls with out design team throughout the design process and an additional revision (2 total) of your conceptual design.

What does exterior design include?

Packages with exterior design bundle our custom landscape design services with our exterior design offerings for the entirety of your home, helping homeowners envision the full potential of their home’s outdoor spaces.

Exterior design includes:

  • Exterior paint selection
  • Exterior doors and windows
  • Wood and stone accents
  • Garage doors
  • Shutters
  • Siding or exterior resurfacing
  • Exterior-of-home lighting
  • Roofing
  • House numbers
  • Mailboxes
Does Yardzen make specific recommendations for home exterior materials?

Yardzen works with several fantastic partners, including Benjamin Moore, Marvin Windows and Doors, James Hardie, and William Sonoma’s Rejuvenation to make specific home exterior materials recommendations, including paint colors.

Do you have contractors who install the exterior design?

We don’t currently offer contractor matching for our home exterior renovations, but we are actively building our network and hope to be able to serve our clients soon.

Installing your design

Do Yardzen designs usually get installed exactly as scoped?

That’s up to you! But rarely does any design — landscape, interior, or whole home — get built exactly as scoped. We encourage you to think of your conceptual designs from Yardzen as a communication tool to convey a vision to your licensed contractor. Your final designs will include either CAD plans or a 2D render with dimensions, planting layout, specific plant names, and basic materials callouts, but some last-mile design decisions will be made in the field with the help of your contractor.

I have a set budget. How do you keep my design inside of it?

At the beginning of the Yardzen design process, you’ll go through our proprietary onboarding exercise to help you understand what configuration of hardscape, softscape, and exterior elements will work in your outdoor space, and at what budget. With that knowledge, you’ll share your all-in budget with your design team. For people who plan to phase their build out, as many of our clients do, this is the budget for all phases. Your designer will then create your design with that number in mind. However, there are always variables — like the materials and plant sizes you ultimately choose — that can bring down costs. When we match you with a contractor, budget is usually where that conversation starts. We believe budget needs to be a central part of the process for us to deliver a design you can implement.

How do design revisions work?

Every design package comes with at least one thorough round of revisions, and our Premium package comes with two rounds of revisions. We offer additional revisions for $295. The vast majority of our clients arrive at a delightful design with our standard process, and many collaborate directly with their contractor on last-mile design decisions. Since it’s common to make final design decisions in the field, we will happily make revisions to any CAD plans included with your design without charge during the build process. We call those “red lines” in the construction world.

How do you find and vet contractors?

We partner only with the best, most responsive and diligent contractors for our clients’ projects. We are very intentional about who we bring into our network. Here are some of the following criteria that we make sure our contractors have before bringing them on:

  • Licensing as required by each individual state
  • Professional, personable and offer exceptional customer service
  • Top notch online reviews
  • Impressive and comprehensive portfolio
  • Worker’s Compensation and Employers’ Liability Insurance
  • Commercial General Liability
  • Automobile Liability Insurance
  • Professional Liability Insurance
Do I have to use a Yardzen contractor to install my design?

There is no obligation to use one of our in network contractors, however, our clients find great value in being introduced to a trusted, dedicated, and vetted professional. We aim to connect you deliberately to a pro who is well versed in your project, location, and budget so that you feel supported and prepared throughout your entire installation.

What if Yardzen does not have contractors in my area?

The Yardzen Pro Network is growing every day, but there are cases where we don’t yet have a Pro who meets our high bar in certain areas. This is most common in rural areas with a low overall supply of contractors, or in areas where we’re newly offering our designs services. In these cases we’ll put forth a best effort to find and vet a landscape contractor who can bring your design to life.