Before and After: A cottage gets a modern makeover.

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BEFORE: Not enough usable space. Unkempt & inconsistent plantings


After the homeowners completed a renovation of their interior of their home, they turned to the outdoor space, which hadn’t yet caught up with the house’s cool new vibe. On their wish list?

✓ Space for lounging in the front yard, perhaps with a firepit?

✓ Privacy from the road

✓ Plants that match the new, modern aesthetic of the house

✓ Lighting for curb appeal

✓ Bright and cheerful color to complement their blue paint

Yardzen: Got it!

Newly renovated home with a yard that’s ready to catch up!

Newly renovated home with a yard that’s ready to catch up!




✓ Native grasses to create separation and privacy for front hardscaped area.

✓ Repeated Lavender along the sidewalk. Hearty plants do well in high-traffic areas. Bring on the bees!

✓ Neat and tidy row of Boxwoods and Blue Fescue along the pathway matches the contemporary door and draws the eye in.

✓ New modern fence concept along the left side of the property.

✓ Smooth and contemporary muted gray concrete keeps it clean and simple.



Prefer some topography in the front yard.

Not in love with the fence concept. “Perhaps a bit too modern.” [Noted!]

More bright colors, without overdoing it.

Prefer hardscaping along the sidewalk, as opposed to plantings.

What would modern lighting fixtures look like?

Hardscaping is perfect. ✓

FINAL DESIGN: A plan the homeowners love. Let’s find a contractor!

From 3D design to finished project

A new front yard that checks all of the boxes, designed fully online and installed by a local contractor.



Get a dedicated team of landscape designers & horticulturalists working on the outdoor spaces of your dreams today.