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Fenced back yard, two brown folding chairs, pool, plants, trees and garden lamp.

TimberTech’s Mahogany for this modern California hideaway

We love TimberTech decking. It’s super durable, low maintenance, and has a lower lifetime cost than wood. It’s also extremely sustainable. In 2021 alone, TimberTech diverted roughly 500 million pounds of waste, and sales at TimberTech since 2001 have helped to preserve over 3 million trees.

Beyond all this, TimberTech looks really, really good.

To be more specific, TimberTech looks like real wood, and not just one type of wood, but pretty much any wood you could find. From rich ipe to ruddy redwood, freshly cut cedar to gracefully aged oak, there is a TimberTech product to suit any wood aesthetic.

Below, we’ve collected a few of our favorite TimberTech looks. Hailing from all corners of the country and representing strikingly different styles, these projects demonstrate TimberTech’s versatility, plugging in perfectly to any style, anywhere.

Fenced house, sitting and lounge area, fire pit, lawn with walkway, trees, swing chair.

TimberTech’s Coastline for this East Cost beach house

East Coast Beach House

Gray color timber wood.

The owners of this beachy retreat on the Long Island Sound wanted their backyard deck to evoke the sandy gray color and mellowed edges of weathered wood.

TimberTech’s Coastline color fit the bill perfectly. Layering soft grays above a pale brown base, it evokes both the weathered exterior and unweathered core of boardwalk planks.

To keep things bright and breezy, a matte black TimberTech handrail traces the edges of the deck, offering both fall protection and classic beachy looks.

With stormy summers and snowy winters, decks take a beating in the northeast. Opting for TImberTech let this client hang on to that clean and casual look while skipping the splinters, annual weatherproofing, and inevitable repairs that come with wood decks. The result is a showpiece deck with wraparound stairs and built-in seat walls that confidently commands the spotlight in this clean and comfortable design.

TimberTech’s Mahogany for this modern California hideaway

Modern California Hideaway 

Mahogany color timber wood.

This narrow side yard makes the most of its limited space, packing in a plunge pool, hot tub, lush tropical planting, and a stunning mountain view. A sleek TimberTech deck stitches everything together, defining a unified space while oozing modern cool.

TimberTech’s Mahogany color of the decking is a perfect match for ipe, minus the expensive purchase price, difficult installation, and sustainability challenges. The rich brown of the decking heightens the sense of enclosure established by the towering bamboo, helping to amplify the drama of the panoramic view.

Uneven solar exposure would be a recipe for uneven weathering with a typical wood deck – with wood, the sunny areas would fade more quickly than the shaded spots. With TimberTech, the realistic appearance of the decking will hold constant across the entire structure, no fuss required.

Graveled front yard, pergola with string lights over concrete sitting area, fire pit, trees.

TimberTech’s American Walnut for this elegant woodsy retreat

Elegant Woodsy Retreat

Walnut color timber wood.

Nestled in a Northwestern forest, this upscale cabin needed two levels of decking to take full advantage of the beautiful scenery.

With deep brown bark and dark green foliage on all sides, the deck had to feel cohesive with the surrounding forest. To do the trick, the design turned to TimberTech’s American Walnut color, a finish inspired by rustic and reclaimed wood. With grain tones ranging from chocolatey brown to ashy black, American Walnut looks right at home in this woodsy setting.

The deep brown deck complements the sage-gray and stone finishes on the home’s exterior walls. Together, these tones form a palette of earthy finishes that make the house feel like a cohesive part of the forest.

Fenced house, concrete outdoor sitting area, fire pit, lawn, decorated pergola over dinning set.

TimberTech’s French White Oak for this charming southern farmhouse

Charming Southern Farmhouse

French white oak color timber wood.

To complement their shingle-sided and gable-roofed home, this client sought a deck with the flavor of a Southern farmhouse: handsomely worn-in, pale in color, timelessly charming.

They opted for TimberTech’s French White Oak, a gray-blonde color that perfectly captures the look of raw, untreated oak wood. This color scheme reverberates throughout the landscape design, from the Adirondack chairs to the natural stone paving of the paths and fire pit.

The classic appeal of the deck material is counterbalanced by its modern design, with broad edges and wraparound stairs designed to maximize connectivity and circulation across the yard.

Being a popular interior finish as well, the French White Oak also nods to the indoor/outdoor living aspect of the exterior cooking and dining area beneath the pitch-roofed pergola.

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