Gas vs. wood-burning: How to choose a firepit

Who doesn't love a firepit? Particularly after the sun goes down people are drawn to a glowing fire like bees to honey. Once you decide you want one, decisions remain. Wood burning or gas? Installed gas line or not?


Wood Burning Firepits

Photo: HGTV

Photo: HGTV

Pros: It's real fire. If you like to camp and get all the feels sitting around a burning fire, this might be the way to go. 

Cons: The smell. And the smoke. And you, of course, need to have wood on hand.


Firepits with installed gas line

Photo: Fixr

Photo: Fixr

Pros: Fire at the push of a button? Sign us up. Also, no smoke or smells.

Cons: More costly to run a gas line. Yardzen customers on average pay $1,000 to run the line, depending on how close the fire pit is to gas.


Firepits with gas tank


Pros: Less expensive than running a gas line. Lets you try out a gas fire pit for less upfront investment. And if you decide you want to run the line later, there's always the option to hire a plumber to convert your set up.

Cons: Depending on just how much you enjoy sitting by the fire pit, you may be running to the hardware store often to refill your tank.