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This Mother’s Day, look to your edible garden for gifting inspiration. From bath salts to hand salve, here are a dozen ideas using flowers, fruit, herbs and branches to create unforgettable gifts for every mom and motherly figure in your life!

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Floral Bath Salts

Colorful bits of dried flowers make these bath salts from Jenni Kayne’s blog Rip and Tan as beautiful as they are relaxing. We recommended purchasing ingredients in bulk and making one for each of your friends who are deserving of a fragrant good soak. 

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Lavender Shortbread Cookies

If your lavender is blooming, grab some snips and your harvest basket. We can’t wait to make and gift a batch of these lavender shortbread cookies from The Beach House Kitchen. This recipe calls for fresh lemon to balance the herb-y lavender with the shortbread. 

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Calendula Hand Salve

Calendula is one of our favorite winter florals, so we couldn’t go without recommending a DIY to utilize this stunning bloom. It turns out, combining Calendula with a salve makes a lovely gift for the gardener in your life, or anyone whose hands may be a bit dry from spending time outdoors. Try this recipe from Homestead and Chill

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Orange Olive Oil Cake 

If your orange tree is dripping with citrus, we have the perfect dessert for mom. This delightful orange cake by Modern Honey also calls for olive oil, resulting in an earthy depth of flavor to balance the sweet. 

floral mask

Floral Face Mask

Give the gift of self-care with this floral and herb infused bentonite clay face mask from Gardenista. We love the mask and the packaging, sealed in a clear French jam jar and tied with a butcher paper gift tag.

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Pressed Flora Art

These beautiful framed pressed floral art pieces from Hearth and Vine remind of the antique versions we might come across at a flea market. From leaves to vines, herb sprigs, and flowers, we love the way these keepsakes capture a moment in time. 

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Herbal Bouquet

Herbs are way underrated when it comes to bouquets. This Mother’s Day, try your hand at one of these three arrangements by The Hip Homestead. We’re particularly fond of the “Modern Monochromatic,” a carefree gathering of white and green flowers and herbs. 

Image via the—thread

Image via the—thread

Avocado Pit Natural Dyed Napkins 

If you like avocado toast, then you’ll love this DIY from Apartment Therapy. Save and freeze the pits until you have at least a 10 to make a batch of dye. The resulting hue is the perfect shade of blush pink, ideal for everything from napkins, tea towels, tablecloths and more. 

Rose Water Linen Spray

Some Pretty Thing’s rose water linen spray adds a fresh scent to the air. Also perfect for spritzing on towels or bed linens. 

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Sage Incense Stick

These sages incense sticks from The Kitchn take a bit of planning but we promise, it’s worth the effort. While a single stick is a perfectly acceptable gift, we love the idea of presenting several in a muslin bag so to be on hand whenever one needs to clear the air. 

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Garnish Bouquets 

For the chef in your life, we’re obsessed with these dried garnished bouquets from The Spruce Eats. Harvest your garden herbs, from tarragon to rosemary, thyme and bay leaves to make a generous handful of these pouches. Toss them in a large Weck Jar, and chef can use them for soups, casseroles, as well as roasted chicken or vegetables as needed. 

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Eucalyptus Shower Steamers

Love is often expressed by the way in which we care for each other. While a jar of homemade eucalyptus shower steamers may not seem romantic, it does demonstrate thoughtfulness. We’d love to give (or get) a big mason jar full of these Garden Therapy steamers, perfect for using during the onset of a cold, or a good-old pick-me-up. 

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