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Are you considering selling your home this year? Maybe you’ve considered staging your interior, but what about the outside? Our designers share a few tips on how to prepare your exteriors before putting your house on the market.

Clear the path

Buyers need to be able to see the entry to your home in order to find it inviting. Spend some time — or hire a pro for the job — trimming back plants that might block both the view and passage.

Plant mature

Even a clean row of grasses in a small planting space fronting your home goes a long way in cleaning up your yard. But don’t make the penny-pinching mistake of buying 1-gallon plants. Spring for at least 5-gallon plants to make the yard look full and lush immediately, sparing your buyers from having to use their imagination about what it’ll look like when grown in.

Do a deep clean

The most obvious — clean up the clutter. If you’re like lots of Yardzen clients you have pieces and elements around your yard that no longer serve you. Flower pots, a wood pile that needs to be moved, maybe some of your kids’ old sports equipment.

When in doubt, mulch

There’s no bigger indicator to your neighbors that you’re selling your home that a layer of fresh mulch spread across your front yard. And for good reason. This quick, easy and effective step makes your yard look fresh and cared for.

If you need a little help, we’re always ready to provide some advice on whatever design dilemma you’re facing.

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