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Back yard with family, stove pit, plant pot, fire woods and outdoor chairs.

Yardzen co-founders, Allison and Adam Messner, at home in the Bay Area with their Solo Stove

At Yardzen, we love fire pits for many reasons: they serve as the perfect focal point in a yard (both front and back), they encourage day-to-night, year-round alfresco enjoyment, and they are a low-cost way to add functionality to your outdoor space. For this reason, over 60% of Yardzen designs have a fire pit or fireplace.

When designing your outdoor fire pit, there are a number of things to keep in mind to maximize safety, style, and enjoyment. Here’s a breakdown of what to think about when planning your new favorite yard space.

Wooden floor yard, with outdoor sofa and a single stove fire pit.

Adam Messner with their Solo Stove

Choose a Fire Pit!

When you consider cost, environmental impact, and versatility, Yardzen’s top choice is Solo Stove, which comes in a number of styles with versatile functionality, including adaptations for outdoor cooking. Our favorite thing about Solo Stove is that they are ultra efficient and low smoke, making them the most sustainable wood-burning fire pit available.

Our favorite Solo Stove options for the yard are Bonfire, pictured above, and the Yukon, which is their largest option. Both look beautiful as the focal point in a yard.

Graveled yard, lounge and sitting area, round stove pit, plant pots, string lights and lamps.

Dream Up Where You’ll Enjoy Your Fire Pit

Yardzen’s design team will help you figure out the best spot for your fire pit (Learn more about Yardzen’s Yard Builder!), but when starting to plan your new yard, it’s fun to think about how all of the elements will flow together. Yardzen clients love to get creative about where they congregate with friends, including putting fire pits, dining tables, and pergolas in front yards and side yards to maximize the footprint of their outdoor living space.

Concrete side yard, lawn, plants, tree, stove pit, three outdoor chairs, lanterns

A well-placed Solo Stove in a Yardzen design that takes into our safety principles of “look above” and “look below.”

Prioritize Safety

When selecting a spot for a fire pit, consider the following safety guidelines:

  • Look above – Fire pits should not be placed under solid-roofed structures, including pergolas and shade structures.

  • Look below – The best place for a fire pit is on aggregate, like gravel or concrete. Avoid placing a fire pit on mulch, artificial turf, or an outdoor rug. Solo Stoves are an exception– they can be safely placed on a deck with a stand.

Gravel floored backyard with wooden patio, single stove fire pit and adirondack chairs

Adirondack chairs surround a Solo Stove in this traditional yard

Outfit Your Space

Make your new fire pit your favorite place in your yard by outfitting it with comfortable furniture and cozy styling. A plush, low-slung sofa like the The Sofa from Neighbor pairs beautifully with a Solo Stove and creates an inviting vignette. We also love the look of placing Adirondack chairs around a fire pit, which invites conversation and s’mores roasting long into the evening. Cafe lights overhead help transition your space from day to night, and don’t forget a throw and a couple of pillows for a beautiful, lived-in look!

More Inspiration From Yardzen x Solo Stove

Fenced yard with wooden deck, stepping stones, outdoor sofa, outdoor dining, jacuzzi, and fire pit

Gravel floored backyard with, adirondack chairs, wooden deck, lighting and decorative plants.

Concrete floor yard, harrier hanging chairs, adirondack chairs, fire pit, and ornamental plants.

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