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Spring and summer have come and gone, and maybe you never got around to checking that new landscaping plan off your to-do list. Well, we have good news: there are several upsides to designing, installing, and planting in the cool season. Here are the top reasons to get started now.

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Plants Thrive During Cooler months

“The cool season is a particularly good time to plant,” says Yardzen’s horticulturalist Zolene Quindoy.

Less Water: With many hours of sunshine, yet cooler temperatures, plants will thrive with less water during the fall. Getting plants into the cool soil before the onset of the rainy season is particularly beneficial in drought-prone regions. “Winter rains help to irrigate the landscape for free,” she says.

Less Competition: In the fall, there are typically fewer plant-munching insects buzzing around, and less competition from weeds, too.

Easy to Establish: Have you ever put a beautiful, thriving plant in the ground only to see it wilt a couple of hours later? That’s called transplant shock, and it’s most likely to occur on hot days. An upside of planting in the fall? Milder temps reduce the chance of wilting due to transplant shock.

Happy Roots: Did you know that many plants still grow during the cool autumn season? You may not see it, she says, but that’s because the roots are busy getting established and growing underground. “Fall planting allows new plants to extend their roots, which will help support new growth in the spring,” she says. “These extra few months of root growth give fall-planted plants a head start.”

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Get ready for a Spring Install!

If you’re planning to wait for spring for your install, we still recommend getting started with your design this winter! That way, you’ll be through our design process and matched with an excellent contractor so you can break ground as soon as the weather starts to warm. Spring will be here before we know it!

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Contractor Availability

As many of us know, landscape contractors get very busy come May, but according to Sean Marshall, the head of Yardzen’s Build team, “landscape contractors work all year in many parts of the country.” The cooler months are the perfect time to install your yard with a local, vetted contractor.

Yes, You can HardscapE During the Winter!

Hardscape is built to hold up to the elements, so yes, you can install hardscape during the fall and winter! That includes concrete, gravel, mulch, decks, fences; you name it! If the product is meant to live outside in any season, it can likely be installed outdoors in any season.

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Enjoy Your Yard All year!

Who says you can’t go outside when it’s cold? At Yardzen, we believe that outdoor living is a year-round way of life, no matter where you live. With a couple of cozy touches, like blankets, rugs (here are our favorites), and firepits (more favorites), you can enjoy your outdoor space at almost any temperature.

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