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Graveled backyard, plants, a lounging couch, and a smokeless steel fire pit next to a lawn

The right outdoor fire pit area can breathe new life into your backyard, allowing you to extend your summer into fall and winter. It defines your outdoor space with style and functionality, creating a welcoming environment for friends and family to gather around and breathe in the fresh air, roast marshmallows for s’mores, and enjoy the tantalizing view of the stars at night.

As the largest nationwide landscape design firm, we’ve tapped thousands of our client designs to source the best fire pits in 2022 that promise the benefits of fire minus the pitfalls. Following are the 11 fire pits most loved by our clients and design team this year—these fire pits are all beautiful, functional, and durable, making them work elegantly across landscape designs.

Top 11 fire pits most loved by our clients

07 RH Yountville Round Fire Table, Weathered Greystone: Best Architectural Fire Pit

08 Terrain Real Flame Forsyth: Best Affordable Fire Pit

09 CB2 Form Cement Fire Pit: Best Bohemian Fire Pit

10 Terrain Angled Obelisk Chiminea: Best Fire Pit Alternative

11 Outdoor Living Kits Grand Fire Ring: Best Traditional Fire Pit

01 Outer Fire Pit Table With Ceramic Balls

Price: $3900
Dimensions: 51.7″ L x 33.7″ W x 14″ H
BTUs: 55,000
Propane fire pit

rectangular grey fire table with grey ceramic balls decoratively placed in flame area
Multifunctional fire table that can be used as a table, cooking device or flat surface with the cover on.

Enjoy years of warmth and coziness with this multifunctional backyard staple from Outer. You can use it as a table, cooking device, or flat surface with the cover on. This stylish propane fire pit table is thoughtfully designed to complement any outdoor decor. The sleek and heavy-duty concrete base elevates your outdoor space.

The soft-light ignition system allows for smooth ignition, slowly releasing gas and igniting safely without a sudden burst of flames. The spherical ceramic stones and the cast iron griddle shield flames from the wind, keeping the heat centralized—it also radiates warmth outward instead of up. 

The fire pit is made with a combination of durable materials—concrete base, stainless steel fire bowl pan, cast iron griddle, and ceramic spheres, that will stand the test of time while minimizing environmental impact.

Moreover, the fire pit is ready for use—it is configured for compatibility with a 20lb LPG propane gas tank.

The Fire Pit Table with Ceramic balls is stylish, innovative, versatile, safe, easy to use, and sustainable, making it the best overall outdoor fire pit. 

grey fire table on paver patio with two modern outdoor sofas in striped black and white pattern
Removable cast iron griddle pan creates a space where everyone can cook in this Yardzen design in Austin, Texas.
grey fire pit table on concrete backyard patio surrounded by four modern black and white outdoor lounge chairs
Ceramic stone spheres add visual interest this Yardzen backyard landscape design in Arkansas.

02 Ebern Designs Ettinger 12″ H X 39″ W Propane Outdoor Fire Pit

Price: $739.99
Dimensions: 39″ L  x 39″ D x 12″ H
BTUs: 50,000
Propane fire pit

square concrete fire pit with lava rock in flame area
Lava rock fill is included with this outdoor fire pit with adjustable flame.

Available for purchase at Wayfair, this 12″ H x 39″ W Ettinger outdoor fire pit will keep you (family and friends) warm and comfortable all night long on the back deck or patio. Yardzen clients love the look and feel of this table—it’s been included in over 380 Yardzen designs so far in 2022. The highly compact design delivers the cozy ambiance of flickering flames without the need to change logs or shovel soot. 

You don’t need to worry about setting it up as the fire table comes assembled. Moreover, the compact design allows it to occupy less space while still meeting your warm evening/night needs.

The fire pit comes with a push button ignition that makes it easy to turn the fire pit on. The boxy silhouette of the fire pit table adds a contemporary style to your backyard. Moreover, it’s available in light grey and dark gray finishes (the light grey is more popular and accounts for 298 of the Yardzen designs that include this fire pit so far this year).

The Ettinger propane gas is the best gas tank fire pit because it features a complete tank holder and adjustable flames while being weather-resistant. It also comes with a 60-inch fuel hose meaning you have flexibility in how you orient your tank and pit in your yard design.

square fire pit on timbertech deck with boxy lounge chairs, outdoor sofa, overhead pergola, and attached hot tub
This fire pit table’s boxy silhouette adds contemporary style to this outdoor lounge area in Sacramento, CA.
square grey fire pit on paver backyard patio surrounded by evergreens in containers and light-colored patio lounge furniture
Guests will keep warm in this Brentwood, TN Yardzen backyard landscape design.
square fire pit lit with flame on concrete patio with light-colored lounge furniture and container garden
The Ettinger outdoor fire pit is also available in dark gray seen above in Lake Oswego, OR backyard landscape design.

03 Crate and Barrel Retreat outdoor fire bowl

Price: $3599
Dimensions: 38″W x 38″D X 14″H
BTUs: 60,000
Propane fire pit

concrete fire bowl with black decorative rock lit with flame
The molded, glass-reinforced concrete gives the propane-fueled outdoor fireplace strength and durability.

The retreat outdoor fire pit has been included in over 298 Yardzen designs so far in 2022 and is a propane-fueled, ultra-modern fire bowl that will warm your outdoors all night long—allowing you to enjoy barbecues and hang out with friends late into the night. The bowl features molded glass-reinforced concrete and steel inner frame for strength and durability.

The brass burner system uses eight jets to produce rich, fascinating flames. Enjoy up to 22 hours of heat generated by a 20lb propane tank on a low setting and up to 7.3 hours on a high setting.

Moreover, the fire bowl features a key valve and match ignition that allows for manual ignition. The bowl is suitable for outdoor use thanks to its weather, UV, and rust-resistant features. When not in use, mask it with the outdoor cover (included in the package).

This propane-fueled outdoor fire bowl comes with a 10″  LP hose with a tank seat and regulator. You may need assembly based on your shipping location and delivery method. However, your order comes with easy-to-follow instructions to help you assemble your outdoor fire bowl and enjoy the heat.

The strength, durability, and balance of industrial and organic style make this fire bowl the best in our list.

cozy backyard with paver patio, fire pit seating area, dining set, and simple outdoor kitchen
Yardzen designed a cozy backyard hangout space in this Austin, TX backyard landscape design.
fire bowl surrounded by four outdoor lounge chairs in small backyard on paver patio with tropical plants behind
Enjoy a burn time of about 7 hours on high setting or 22 hours on low setting with with a 20 lb propane tank.
small backyard with lawn area, gravel path, and concrete paver patio with modern fire bowl and lounge furniture
On cool days and chilly nights, this ultra-modern fire bowl will keep you and your guests toasty warm.

04 Solo Stove Yukon

Price: $399.99
Dimensions: 17″ | 43cm H x 27″ | 68.5cm D
Weight: 41.6lbs | 18.9 kgs
Wood-burning fire pit

steel solo stove lit with smokeless flame
Yukon is the largest smokeless fire pit available by Solo Stove.

The Solo Stove Yukon is among the best portable fire pits on the market today, ideal for your backyard or front yard. weighing just 41.6 lbs, this smokeless wood-burning steel fire pit is ready to go wherever you need it.

You can count on this smokeless fire pit to last for a lifetime, thanks to the durable and lightweight 304 stainless steel construction that guarantees longevity. Whether a pro or a fast-time user, this stove is designed for easy use without complicated assembly needs. 

The 360-degree Signature Airflow system allows you to easily spark up bright flames from a wood fire without the inconvenience of smoke. In addition, the stove offers ultimate warmth without sacrificing comfort.

The Solo stove Yukon works best in a backyard, in a parking lot for a tailgate event, at the beach, or on a camping trip.

The stove also features a removable Ash Pan that rests under the removable base plate to catch all the fine ash—this makes cleaning your stove a lot easier.

The Solo Stove Yukon is the best smokeless wood-burning pit due to the Signature 360-degree Airflow that superheats air to burn off smoke before it gets to the air or your clothes.

tropical plantings in a backyard with lawn area and back patio with solo stove, lounge furniture and overhead attached pergola and string lights
This Kailua-Kona, HI backyard won’t be filled with smoke thanks to Solo Stove’s innovative design.
large back porch and paver patio with solo stove surrounded by modern adirondack chairs
Weighing in at just over 41 pounds, the Yukon fire pit can be easily moved around this Kilmarnock, VA backyard.
attached timbertech backyard deck with solo stove and modern lounge furniture
Protect outdoor surfaces with Yukon’s fire pit stand.

05 Williams Sonoma Whistler Rectangular Fire Table, Glacier Grey

Price: $2621
Dimensions: 50.5″ L x 32.5″ W x 15.75″ H
BTUs: 65,000
Weight: 210 lbs
Gas fire pit

dark grey rectangular fire table
When not in use, transform this fire table into a convenient outdoor coffee table with the included matching burner lid.

Define your outdoor space with this timeless style and dazzling Whistler rectangular fire table design. This fire table has been included in over 127 Yardzen designs so far in 2022 and offers two fuel options: natural gas and propane—choose whichever is convenient and available.

The cast MGO and steel construction make this fire table durable. The package includes a fire table with leveling feet, lava rock filler, a 28.5″ linear stainless steel burner, a vinyl storage cover, and a matching burner lid. 

Moreover, the fire table comes with a 10″ NG hose with a quick connect socket, or a 10″ LP hose with regulator and tank seat, depending on your fuel choice. If you go with the propane option, you’ll need a 20lb propane tank that must sit outside the fire table. Note that the 20lb propane tank isn’t included in the package.

The battery-operated push ignition makes it easier to turn on the flame and adjust the flame height to your needs. Basic assembly is required to start using your Whistler Rectangular fire table. The fire table is weather, UV, and rust-resistant, making it excellent for outdoor use. The flame burns for up to 20 hours on a low setting and approximately 6.5 hours on a high setting. The fire pit is available in a glacier grey finish, and also kodiak brown if you opt for a NG fire pit.

modern style backyard with small back deck, paver patio with fire table and black adirondack style chairs, and adjacent outdoor dining area with overhead pergola
West Virginia backyard with outdoor fire pit area with Whistler fire table.
Cozy rowhouse backyard with concrete deck and dining area, grill, and fire pit seating area with modern wicker outdoor lounge furniture
Cozy backyard fire pit area in San Francisco, CA Yardzen design.
Built-in seating around fire pit for sloped backyard Yardzen landscape design
Built-in seating around fire pit for sloped backyard Yardzen landscape design.

06 Lumacast Aura Collection

Price: $3520
Dimensions: 36-inch D, 42-inch D, 48-inch D, 52-inch D
Gas fire pit

Ultra modern round white fire pit
This ultra modern fire pit is compatible with natural gas or propane.

The ultra modern Aura fire bowl offers a blend of style and functionality, delivering warmth on a cold evening while adding aesthetic value to your outdoor space. Yardzen clients have included Aura collection fire pits in 121 designs so far in 2022. This centerpiece has soft curvatures and clean lines and unveils lively flames that are interesting to watch.

Moreover, the fire bowl is made from high-performance and durable GFR concrete and is compatible with aluminum table tops. You have the option to choose between a hard-piped or external tank for your natural gas or propane source.

All Aura fire bowls come with a standard manual ignition system, but you can upgrade to an electronic ignition system for easy operation. However, if you upgrade to electronic ignition, you’ll need a certified electrician to connect the spark unit.

The fire bowls come in various standard colors and sizes to suit your aesthetic needs. It’s also available in either round (more popular) or a rectangular shape.

The Aura fire bowl is the best modern fire pit due to the numerous upgrades available, from the electronic ignition to CrossFire burners from Warming Trends.

small paver patio in a backyard with round fire pit and modern coastal lounge furniture
The AURA fire table combines clean lines with soft curves to create a centerpiece for this Richardson, TX courtyard.
large backyard timbertech deck with modern fire pit, outdoor sectional, lounge chairs and palm trees surrounding
The level surface can double as a convenient space to set beverage or platters when not in use.
Aura fire pit on a paver patio surrounded by modern folding chairs and pergola-covered deck with outdoor sofas and coffee table behind
Available in a wide range of colors, the AURA can be easily added to the style of your outdoor living design.

07 RH Yountville Round Fire Table Weathered Greystone

Price: $6865
Dimensions: 40″ D x 16″ H
BTUs: 65,000
Weight: 401 lbs
Gas fire pit

Round concrete composite fire pit with weathered, natural-colored finish
The Yountville is crafted of concrete composite for the look of weathered stone.

This striking fire table has been included in over 99 Yardzen designs so far in 2022. The Yountville round fire table is expertly handcrafted from a blend of cement, sand, and fiberglass (GFRC) and offers a bold appearance to your backyard. GFRC is durable and remarkably lighter than stone or concrete, which makes this fire table easier to move to a place of your choice.

The concrete composite gives this fire table a weathered appearance. Moreover, the fire pit supports natural gas that requires professional installation to a natural gas source. It also comes with a 10″ commercial-grade connector hose that attaches to a 20lb propane tank. In a high setting, the fire pit burns for about 8.5 hours.

Although the Yountville round fire table is meant for outdoor use, it may exhibit hairline cracks and spotting when exposed to the elements. 

The fire table is available in weathered greystone and weathered limestone finishes. 

Yountville fire pit on gravel seating area with natural-looking lounge chairs and dining set on a patio in the background
Minimalist geometry is paired with rustic, hand-hewn texture in this San Jose, CA backyard landscape design.
Yountville fire table on a paver patio surrounded by adirondack chairs and specimen trees and ornamental grasses in surrounding plant beds
It’s more durable and lighter-weight than the alternative of pure concrete or stone.
Yountville fire table in corner of tropical-style yard with two outdoor sofas and overhead cantilever umbrella
Yardzen backyard design in Fort Myers, FL featuring the Yountville round fire table.

08 Terrain Real Flame Forsyth Fire Pit

Price: $598
Dimensions: 23″ H x 35″ D Burn area: 11″ H x 28″ D
Wood-burning fire pit

modern black metal fire pit with cover and poker
Weather, UV and rust-resistant, this iron fire pit is perfectly sized for any backyard or patio.

The Real Flame Forsyth Fire Pit is the ideal centerpiece, perfectly sized for your backyard or patio. The iron fire pit is built from extremely durable powder-coated steel allowing it to heat your backyard for many years.

Included in the package are a fire pit, log grate, spark screen, log poker tool, and a protective storage cover to be used when the fire pit is not in use. The raw steel base will naturally develop an oxidized patina over time.

Moreover, the Real Flame Forsyth Fire Pit is only meant for outdoor use and should not be used on a wooden deck. Basic assembly is needed before you start using your iron fire pit.

With just $598, you can get this fire pit burning in your backyard, making it the most affordable. 

The Real Flame Forsyth Fire Pit lit with flame on a gravel fire pit seating area with field in the backyard
The Real Flame Forsyth Fire Pit includes a log grate, poker, and spark screen.

09 CB2 Form Cement Fire Pit

Price: $999
Dimensions: 38″ D x 9.8″ H
Wood-burning fire pit

black cement fire pit in low modern dish shape
This fire pit is crafted from a sand, cement, and fiberglass composite for ultra durability.

This bohemian style fire pit has been included in over 95 Yardzen designs so far in 2022. The unique dish-shape is expertly crafted from a cement, sand, and fiberglass composite and sets a sculptural stage for flames in your backyard. The Studio Anansi creation comes in a modern charcoal finish that adds aesthetic value to your backyard.

The fire pit is strictly designed for outdoor use on a fireproof surface. Moreover, the fire bowl is intended for wood-burning, not cooking or grilling. 

You should cover the fire pit when not in use to prevent damage from the elements. Cleaning the pit is easy—simply remove the ash and wipe clean with a piece of cloth; no need to use abrasive cleaners.

Minimalist fire bowl with modern outdoor seating area next to a backyard ADU
Minimalist fire bowl with modern outdoor seating area in Scotts Valley, CA Yardzen backyard design.
modern backyard with privacy trees, pool, and paver patio with fire pit seating area
Metairie, LA backyard landscape design with modern fire pit area near plunge pool
Unique dish-shaped fire pit on gravel surrounded by traditional adirondack chairs and modern wood rack with citrus tree and evergreens behind planted along privacy fence
Unique dish-shaped fire pit sets a sculptural stage for wood burning flames.

10 Terrain Angeled Obelisk Chiminea

Price: $398
Dimensions Small: 49″ H x 17″ W x 17″ L or Large: 63″ H x 22″W x 22″ L
Wood-burning fire pit

The Angeled Obelisk Chiminea is the best fire pit alternative for your backyard or patio. The Chiminea is created from raw, heavy gauge COR-TEN steel and sheet metal and is an outstandingly modern addition to your outdoor space. 

If left outdoors, uncovered, and exposed to the elements, the Angeled Obelisk Chiminea may develop a stable, rust-like finish.

Moreover, the Chiminea is easy to clean and maintain—you only need to wipe it down gently with a piece of cloth. Moreover, it comes in small and large sizes depending on your patio size and warmth needs. 

Pre-oxidized chiminea on a paver patio near seating area and pool in background
Los Angeles, CA
pre-oxidized chiminea on concrete slab next to gravel seating area and pergola with climbing vines overhead
Nashville, TN

11 Outdoor Living Kits Grand Fire Ring

Price: $570.15
Dimensions: 12″ H x 48″ D Burning area width 31″ D
Wood-burning fire pit

Close up of Grande Fire Ring lit with flame and veggies on grill rack
The Grande Fire Ring is available in four beautiful colors.

The grand fire ring is a perfect addition to your backyard that provides warmth to a large gathering. The fire ring also adds a little charm to your outdoor space. Yardzen clients that prefer traditional design in their landscape love this fire pit—it’s been included in over 93 Yardzen designs so far in 2022.

Made from premium Rockwood bricks and held together using a super-stick mortar, your grand fire ring is perfect for those that love the traditional style of a built-in stone fire pit and will continue to burn for many years to come.

Moreover, the fire ring comes in various color choices, including Bluestone, Santa Fe, and Beechwood. It also features a US Park service quality solid insert that protects the block while enhancing durability.

The fire ring is compatible with various (optional) accessories, including the removable swivel cooking grate and a fire ring cap kit. You also have the option to get a steel cover to keep children, animals, and debris away from your fire pit.

Woodland oasis with outdoor Grand Fire Pit on gravel seating area with adirondack chairs and string lights
Woodland oasis with outdoor Grand Fire Pit in Manhasset, NY landscape design.
gravel fire pit seating area with modern back folding chairs and concrete fire ring
The perfect outdoor lounge area with fire pit in a Seattle, WA backyard design to kick back and enjoy the glow.
circular gravel fire pit seating area on back lawn with brick fire ring and modern adirondack chairs
Heavy gauge, U.S. Park Service quality solid steel insert protects blocks in this Columbia, TN fire pit design.


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