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Port Orange landscape design
Port Orange landscape design
A Port Orange, FL backyard estimated at $23,500

Yardzen’s team of landscaping experts works with clients across the country to design and build custom outdoor living spaces for every budget, style, and region. The designs here demonstrate the impressive impact and ROI of an investment of $30,000 or less in a landscaping project (Guide to Landscaping ROI). From front yard to backyard to outdoor transformation, these designs pack a visual punch and transform each client’s home and enrich their lives by creating beautiful and functional year-round yards.

Curious about what you can achieve with your budget? As part of Yardzen’s design experience, you will share your budget, inspiration, and wishlist for your outdoor space. Our design and build teams are experts in design engineering to achieve the look and function you want at price you can afford. Get started on your landscaping project

Fairfax, VA backyard design
A Fairfax, VA backyard estimated to cost $25,000
Yardzen backyard “before”

Fairfax, VA Backyard for $25,000

Total: $25,000

Plants: $5,000

Pots: $1,000

Pergola: $11,500

Gravel: $5,000

Fire pit: $2,500

A Fairfax, VA home designed for creating memories with family and friends. For this family, they wanted to add a pergola to the back of their home to create a year-round yard, and because they love spending time outside, they added an additional seating area with fire pit for another “outdoor room.” Start designing your backyard

Lake Oswego, OR front yard design
Yardzen front yard design estimated at $17,000
Yardzen backyard “before”

Lake Oswego, OR Front Yard for $17,000

Total: $17,000

Plants: $5,000

Hardscaping (Concrete & gravel): $10,000

Custom arbor: $1000

Pots & Decor: $1000

A storybook-inspired home in the PNW receives an impactful front yard transformation from Yardzen’s design team, including new plantings of native and pollinator-supporting plants, like sage. Start designing your front yard.

Yardzen backyard estimated at $25,500
Yardzen backyard “before”

Camas, WA Backyard for $25,500

Total: $25,500

Pergola: $10,000

Lighting: $2,500

Gravel: $5,000

Fire pit: $3,000

Planting: $5,000

Yardzen transforms a basic family backyard into a showstopper that is ready for year-round entertaining with a pergola, lighting, and a new fire pit (Guide to Designing a Year-Round Yard).

Austin, TX modern landscape design
Seating area for Yardzen backyard estimated at $27,000
Austin, TX backyard with stock tank pool
Sunning area for Yardzen backyard estimated at $27,000
Yardzen backyard “before”

Austin, TX Backyard for $27,000

Total: $27,000

Gravel Patios: $8,000

Stock tank pool: $5,000

Plantings: $6,000

Pathway: $5,000

Fire pit: $3,000

In this north Austin backyard, the homeowners worked with their Yardzen team to create two distinct outdoor seating areas, including a “daytime” setting with a stock tank pool and a “nighttime” setting with a fire pit. To save on hardscaping, the team used low-cost gravel to create two separate patios. Start designing your backyard

Los Altos, CA backyard design with raised bed planters
Farmhouse-inspired backyard estimated at $23,000

Los Altos, CA Backyard for $23,000

Total: $23,000

Flagstone Paver Patio: $12,000

Raised beds: $1,500

Lighting: $1,500

Fire pit: $3,000

Gavel: $3,000

Planting: $2,000

A farmhouse-inspired backyard seating area for a rancher home in bucolic Los Altos, CA. The raised beds do a beautiful job of defining this backyard’s “outdoor room.” Start designing your outdoor living space

Weston, CT front yard landscape design
Weston, CT front yard estimated at $27,500

Weston, CT Backyard for $27,500

Total: $27,500

Fence: $12,500

Plantings: $5,000

Walkway: $10,000

A cottage-inspired front yard in Connecticut, including a new hog-wire fence (Guide to Fencing and Fence Styles), romantic, curving pathway, and lush, flowering plantings. Feeling inspired? Explore our Guide to Cottage Yards.

Port Orange, FL backyard landscape design
Port Orange, FL backyard estimated at $23,500
Yardzen backyard “before”

Port Orange, FL Backyard for $23,000

Total: $23,000

Fire pit: $5,000

Gravel: $5,000

Lighting: $5,000

Planting: $8,000

A transitional backyard for a Port Orange, FL, including pea gravel, lush plantings for texture and privacy, and statement-making lighting, including string lights on poles and in-ground lighting. Start designing your dream yard

Sag Harbor, NY backyard landscape design
Sag Harbor, NY backyard design estimated at $30,000
Yardzen backyard “before”

Sag Harbor Backyard for $30,000

Total: $30,000

Pergola: $12,000

Gravel: $5,000

Fire Pit: $1,000

Planting: $2,000

Deck refinishing: $10,000

Additional livable square footage is added to this backyard for a classic Hamptons home. The team included a new outdoor room with gravel underfoot, including a pergola and fire pit. And, the deck gets refinished with new entry points and a built-in bench. Start designing your backyard.

Tucson, AZ backyard landscape design
Tucson, AZ backyard design estimated at $30,000
Yardzen yard “before”

Tucson, AZ Backyard for $30,000

Total: $30,000

Pergola: $12,000

Retaining Wall: $10,000

Fireplace: $6,000

Gravel: $2,000

In this backyard, the custom fireplace serves as the focal point. Built around the fireplace is an outdoor room for year-round relaxing, including shading plants and a pergola for enjoying the evenings of the warmer months. Start designing your backyard.

Costa Mesa, CA front yard estimated at $29,000

Costa Mesa, CA Front Yard for $26,000

Total: $26,000

Walkway: $8,000

Plants: $6,000

Gravel: $5,000

Patio: $7,000

A drought-tolerant and heat-resistant front yard for a midcentury home in Costa Mesa, CA, featuring cactus, agave, and pollinator-loving shrubs. And, a social front yard for connecting with the community- fine more inspiration in our Guide to Functional Front Yards.

Traditional New Jersey front yard design
Brick Township, NJ front yard design estimated at $20,000
Yardzen front yard “before”

Brick Township, NJ Front Yard for $22,000

Total: $22,000

Custom brick walkway: $10,000

Lawn: $5,000

Plantings: $7,000

A classic coastal front yard for a newly built home in New Jersey, featuring a custom gray brick walkway, new front lawn, and climate-adapted evergreens and flowering shrubs. Despite its simplicity, the heights and textures of the plants and hardscaping in this design pack a visual punch. Start designing your yard!

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