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modern plunge pool for Airbnb in Scottsdale

When Jill set out to transform her Scottsdale backyard with Yardzen, her top priorities were a pool and creating plenty of shade. With summer days averaging 105°, it was important to focus on creating an inviting space that would help draw you outside.


The goal was to create a modern backyard, that reflected clean lines, xeriscaping, ample lighting, and pops of color that offered a playful yet inviting atmosphere. Although a pool was part of Jill’s wishlist, she was aware that budget constraints may require a temporary placeholder. Plunge Pool Costs

Equally important was to increase the overall privacy of the backyard which is bordered by busy streets along two sides and has residential neighbors along the other.


Jill’s vision for the yard changed throughout the Yardzen design process, as it often does! The initial design included pops of color through the use of drought-tolerant plants such as Lavender, Texas Sage, and Blue Hibiscus. A new gate was added to increase privacy along the back wall plus a dedicated outdoor seating area on the existing gravel. This also served as an affordable, temporary placeholder for a pool in the future. We also added a cantilever umbrella for shade, cantilever umbrellas are an affordable, non-permanent shade solution with ease of mobility for shifting sun patterns throughout the day and are easy to store during cooler months.

After receiving the first design, Jill decided she wanted to see a design with a plunge pool after all! In addition to greater plant density, taller privacy shrubs lining the fence, and more opportunities for color through furnishings. She also wanted to visualize a permanent shade structure and paving that would emphasize the modern lines of the yard to complement the moody and modern black paint of the home.


The second design brought Jill’s vision to life!  Offering a lush, yet still drought-friendly collection of evergreen Bay Laurel shrubs, ornamental grasses, and a small artificial turf area for outdoor games! Jill maximized her budget by opting for four 2×2’ prefab concrete pavers tightly grouped together to create the look of custom-sized pavers. This small design tweak allowed for a larger artificial turf footprint and the addition of turf between pavers to keep gravel away from the pool edge.  To elevate the design and add height to the privacy shrubs, a new smooth concrete retaining wall was added. The white concrete wall, light-colored pavers, and crisp blue pool contrast beautifully against the home’s black siding to deliver a true modern-day outdoor design.

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After seeing the plunge pool incorporated into her existing yard and visualizing the flow and circulation within the space, she decided a pool was the right choice! In place of the more traditional and permanent pergola, she decided to move forward with a statement yellow umbrella that would tie in the pops of yellow throughout the yard.

Jill’s yard is now a transformed, welcoming and sunny oasis that invites you to make the most of the warm Arizona sun, lounge by the pool, or enjoy the perfect sunset gathered around the firepit.

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