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Modern Phoenix backyard with pool

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Modern Phoenix backyard with pool
The modern Phoenix backyard of Kristen Forgione of The Lifestyled Co.

Kristen Forgione  is an interior designer with an eye for style and a passion for design. She is the owner of The Lifestyled Co. and designed her Arizona home from the ground up. In order to complete the vision for her home, she hired Yardzen to create her dream outdoor space. Kristen wanted a yard that mirrored her interior style, created an enjoyable space for her family and provided the perfect backdrop for entertaining. She also wanted a space that created a Napa Valley inspired escape from the desert scenery that’s typically associated with the dry Arizona climate.

The Vision

At the onset of the design process, it was clear that Kristen had a specific style in mind. She wanted a modern design that was modern, yet timeless and most of all functional. In terms of landscaping, plantings that were low-maintenance and drought-tolerant were key to creating a yard that would have longevity and be able to stand the desert heat.

The design layout needed to provide a cohesive flow that would work well for entertaining with a spectacular pool design as the focal point. Kristen also wanted ample lawn space for her kids to enjoy and to serve as flex space for larger parties. 

As a newly built property, the yard was primarily dirt which served as a clean starting point for the design. The challenge here was creating a Napa inspired yard with neutral blooms that would work well in the Arizona climate.

The blank backyard of Kristen’s new build home
Before Yardzen

The Design & Plants

The design team at Yardzen was able to create a modern backyard design that reflected all of Kristen’s priorities. Working with Kristen, the team provided a layout that incorporated ample space for entertaining, including an outdoor cooking and dining area, cozy custom built in seating surrounding a fire pit, and plenty of open lawn space –all centered around an expansive spa and pool. 


The team also incorporated plants with muted tones, like olive trees, blue fescue, and white bougainvillea that would thrive in the climate while also providing a relaxing and lush environment. Overall the design speaks to the desired modern aesthetic while also creating a warm and inviting space, which is exactly what Kristen had in mind when she started the design process.

The Yardzen design of the pool an home exterior
The Yardzen design of the fire pit area
The Yardzen design looking away from the house

The Result

Kristen’s modern Phoenix backyard vision has now come to life! She is able to enjoy her outdoor space to the fullest with family and friends and take a breather from the desert landscape in her very own lush oasis. Her completed backyard includes ample space for entertaining like the custom seating by the pool, outdoor dining space, and cozy fire pit area. There’s plenty of open lawn space for her kids to enjoy and the pool serves as a beautiful focal point for the entire yard. The retaining walls serve as planters that provide more lushness to the yard while also creating more usable open space for larger events.

The success of this project can be credited to Kristen’s comprehensive initial vision and the expert design creation of the Yardzen team.

The functional pieces of the backyard, including the pool, hot tub, and fire pit area
The pool with a large Baja shelf for relaxing
We love the swings on the back of the house, which add fun functionality and personality
The completed Yardzen backyard!

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