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Yardzen clients increasingly turn to their yards for wellness, from the health benefits of being outside to the extra square footage available for spa features, like a cold plunge, sauna, and plants that delight the senses. Here’s our guide to the best spa-inspired elements to include in  your outdoor sanctuary.

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Pictured above: Yardzen Yard, Terra Vieja. Find them on Instagram.

Plunge Pool

A plunge pool offers refreshment and luxury at a fraction of the footprint and maintenance of a regular pool. In addition to the stress reduction benefits of water immersion, its smaller size allows for creative design integration and can be incorporated into any style of yard, elevating the overall look and feel. Look for a heated plunge pool if you’d like one that can serve as a hot tub in colder months (like this Yardzen yard). Here’s Yardzen’s guide to plunge pool styles. Pictured here: Plunge pool from Soake Pools


An outdoor sauna provides a year-round retreat for relaxation and health benefits, including stress relief and improved circulation. The fragrant wood of a cedar sauna makes  a soothing and stylish addition to your outdoor living space. Here’s Yardzen’s guide to the best saunas. Pictured here: The Zeno 2-Person Barrel Sauna from Renu Therapy

Cold Plunge

Whether for the health benefits or the sheer sensory adventure, incorporating a cold plunge into your space introduces an invigorating experience to your space. The sleek pool, nestled amidst lush greenery or integrated into a stylish deck, becomes a visual focal point, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space. Here’s Yardzen’s guide to the best cold plunges. Pictured here: The Cold Stoic Classic from Renu Therapy

Cedar Hot Tub

Cedar hot tubs are a beautiful addition to any yard – and, during the warm season, they double as a “sip and dip.” Like the other wellness elements listed here, there are a myriad of benefits of a hot tub, but cedar tubs in particular are a beautiful addition to the yard (and they smell terrific). We love the example in this Yardzen yard. Pictured here: 5′ Round Cedar Hot Tub from Zen Bathworks

Yoga Platform

Elevate your yoga practice with a purposefully designed yoga platform, a serene space nestled within your garden or outdoor sanctuary. The platform becomes a tranquil canvas for mindful movement, fostering a harmonious connection between your practice and the natural surroundings, transcending the boundaries of the traditional studio. Pictured here: Folding Travel Yoga Board, Sprung Ash Floor from O’Mara Sprung Floors

Aromatherapy Garden

Cultivate a sensory retreat with an aromatherapy garden, where fragrant blooms like lavender, chamomile, and jasmine infuse the air with calming scents. This oasis serves as a daily escape, promoting relaxation and well-being through the subtle power of aromatic botanicals. Pictured here: English lavender from Plants Express

Outdoor Shower

Enhance your outdoor experience with a thoughtfully designed outdoor shower for luxurious bathing.Surrounded by lush greenery, the open-air shower becomes a private oasis, offering a refreshing and immersive connection with nature that elevates your daily routine. Pictured here: Outdoor shower with copper piping from this Yardzen yard


Water Feature

Incorporate a gentle fountain to introduce the calming sound of flowing water. The presence of water induces a sense of serenity and provides a focal point for relaxation. It’s also a draw for birds in need of a morning bath and drink, which brings the joy of birdwatching into your own backyard. Pictured here: Ripple Water Fountain from Williams Sonoma

Meditative Space

Yardzen clients often request quiet corners for contemplation, including shaded platforms with cushions or a secluded nook with meaningful plants. A spot for meditation brings a sense of calmness to any garden designed for wellness. Pictured here: Cornhusk Cushion Home Decor Straw Cushion Floor Cushion from Temu

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