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Landscape design in winter? Seems crazy. Well, actually crazy smart. Cold rain and wind typically don’t inspire people to think about outdoor patios and flowers. Usually, most people enjoy their outdoor spaces during the warmer months and their attention strays from their yards as the first rain and snow arrives. So you might be surprised to learn  winter is actually a great time to kick start your outdoor space design.

Yardzen is the brand-new way to design your outdoor spaces, all online. Starting with just your address and understanding of your lifestyle, taste and how you want to use your outdoor spaces, Yardzen designs the perfect yard for you without ever stepping foot in your yard. Then, should you choose, we connect you with vetted landscapers and contractors who can bring your design to life. Depending on your local climate, clients who start the Yardzen process in late fall and winter can choose to take advantage of all of the upsides of starting your design now, or go full force and get your plan installed, too.

Here are just a few reasons why now’s a great time to start your landscape design:

It allows ample time: Starting a design in late fall or winter allows you to take your time when creating your vision for a space. During spring and summer, there’s a rush to start and finish the design process quickly, which can lead to sacrificing key details. Since there’s plenty of time to design in winter before building begins in the spring, it’s best to have a set plan that you’re confident in. Any sort of home improvement can be stressful, so why not give yourself more time to breathe and create the design ahead of time? Pour over Pinterest, take a stroll through a nursery, drive around your neighborhood and assess what you like.

See your outdoor space through winter’s lens: During late fall and winter the leaves fall from your trees and your garden is generally less sparse. This is a huge advantage in that you’ll see which spaces require hardy plants that will withstand the cold season and your design will be better informed, ultimately becoming a plan that looks good year-round.

If you live in the western U.S. or any other location where the climate is moderate and snow is rare, getting your plants in the ground now has its perks.

Here are a few reasons why winter’s also a great time to have your plan installed. Discounts! Due to the drop in demand for landscape services in the winter, there are frequent opportunities to save money. Landscaping projects have a rep for being quite pricey, however that doesn’t have to be the case. Contractors are much more liable to giving special discounts during the slower months, as are lots of nurseries and materials suppliers.
Everyone has more availability: Regardless of where you live, you’ll get more attention from contractors in the winter. The demand for contractors is much lower in the cold weather, therefore it’s easiest to get on the priority list for pros before the actual building season. Beating the curve in the winter provides an opportunity to make sure you’re compatible with the contractor and that all of your goals will be met.
See how your new landscape stands up to winter conditions: According to Pacific Outdoor Living, “observing your yard in the winter to see how it handles the rain, cold and foot traffic is a good idea and can even be an eye-opening experience.” You’ll see first-hand if there are any irrigation, drainage or runoff problems that need to be addressed.
Rain instead of irrigation: The rainiest months of the year in most places are winter and spring, so why not let your plants soak up those nutrients and grow big and strong for summer? By treating them to a rainy season they’ll be more resilient to harsh, dry summer conditions.Get your Yardzen landscape design started today by completing your design profile.

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