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Sure, artificial turf is just that – artificial. It doesn’t smell and feel like natural grass. But we’ve decided the benefits of this amazing groundcover – particularly the newer materials that look oh-so-real – far outweigh the real grass attributes you give up. Read on to learn why we’re such big fans.

Our gorgeous, lush, new turf.

Our gorgeous, lush, new turf.

No mow, no H2O

How many hours did you spend mowing lawns as a kid? One of the single greatest things about turf is that it doesn’t require any of the maintenance of grass. Think about that for a minute. No more mowing the lawn.

And let’s face it: real lawns are water hogs. According to the San Francisco Chronicle one must water 3x per week for 30 minutes to keep a lawn looking great. That’s a lot of water! Drought-friendly turf means you can say goodbye to that water and time sink.

It looks great year-round

Artificial turf has come a long way in the last few years. The newest turf can cause you to a double-take. Is it or isn’t it? Aside from the fact that it looks almost too healthy and lush to be real, this stuff looks fantastic.

Dare we say it’s even more comfortable?

We’re speaking from personal experience here when we say everyone loves the feel of turf, kids and pets included. It feels completely comfortable, not ever poky or sharp. And while we’re as nostalgic as the next guy about the sensory explosion that is real grass, it’s easy to become a turf convert when there’s no mud (ever), no grass stains or irritated skin. 

Photo: Artificial Turf Resource

Photo: Artificial Turf Resource

Conclusion: Installing turf might be the single best landscape decision we’ve made. Definitely give it a second look.

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