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The Fox Mercantile grounds featuring Ashley and her daughter, Fox

Yardzen worked with Ashley Petrone of @arrowsandbow on her third landscaping project with us for her new store and event space, The Fox Mercantile. The first two projects were her Los Gatos, CA home and Joie Inn exterior transformation – read more here!

For the Fox Mercantile, Ashley worked with Yardzen’s design team to create a space that was cohesive with the look and feel of Joie Inn, a boutique hotel on Anna Maria Island, featuring light-color gravel to match the white sand beaches and lush, tropical plantings that add privacy and create the feeling of a calming coastal oasis. In Ashley’s words, “I want the entire property to feel private with jungle vibes and many places for people to hang” mixed with “bright, white, tropical, seaside.”

The before of The Fox Mercantile featuring Ashley Petrone. The space was previously an antique store.
The “before” of The Fox Mercantile, which was an eccentric vintage shop that fell into disrepair. Photo from
The Fox Mercantile grounds featuring Ashley and her daughter, Fox
After Yardzen’s designs and all of Ashley’s hard work!

The goals for the landscaping at The Fox Mercantile were four-fold:

    • To completely transform the look and feel of the property from the eccentric, aptly named Sea Hagg to a welcoming store, coffee shop, and event space. (Pictured above)

    • To add texture to the outdoor space using hardscaping, including weathered woods, metal coping, and the use of light-gray pea gravel, which recalls the sands of nearby beaches. Explore Yardzen’s guide to gravel.

    • To create nooks for gathering, relaxing, and enjoying coffee and wine.

To achieve this vision, Ashley went through the Yardzen design experience. First sharing photos and videos of the space, her design inspiration, and taking our proprietary plant quiz. Ashley had a clear idea of what she wanted in the space and turned to the Yardzen team to bring her ideas to life through our expertise. Learn more about How Yardzen Works.

The Yardzen design for the entrance of The Fox Mercantile
The entrance to The Fox Mercantile, featuring the tropical, private, seaside look and feeling that Ashley envisioned
The entrance to The Fox Mercantile designed by Yardzen
The Fox Mercantile landscape and exterior design by Yardzen
The Yardzen design for The Fox Mercantile, featuring outdoor seating area and tropical plants for privacy
The Yardzen design feature several seating areas to encourage gathering and enjoying the shop’s coffee and wine

Like most clients, Ashley’s ideas for the space changed throughout the process. At first, she was inspired by the whites and blacks of her signature modern bohemian style, but after a trip to the South and the acquisition of her adorable cocktail trailer, La Sal, the direction for the space changed a bit to incorporate more whites, greens, and neutrals. Through the use of Yardzen’s feedback studio and a call with one of Yardzen’s experts, the team was happy to modify the direction of her plans.

Tropical plants and vines add privacy to the entrance of The Fox Mercantile
The entrance to The Fox Mercantile with lush plantings for privacy
The entryway of The Fox Mercantile, featuring landscaping by Yardzen
The entryway to the shop at The Fox Mercantile

The final product is stunning and achieves everything that Ashley set out to do – it’s welcoming, it’s private, and it’s totally a vibe. The Fox Mercantile has already hosted several gatherings, and everyone gravitates outside – to sit in the Adirondack chairs, hang under the weathered wood deck, or grab a drink at the trailer. We’re excited to be a part of this transformation, and ready to get started on the next one!

Learn more about Ashley’s experience with Yardzen in her blog post about The Fox Mercantile landscaping!

A water fountain in the lush, tropical planting at The Fox Mercantile
A soothing fountain sets the scene for these secluded seating areas
The Yardzen landscaping for The Fox Mercantile, featuring lush, tropical plants
Yardzen landscaping transforms the property at The Fox Mercantile
The entrance to The Fox Mercantile featuring a deck and potted tropical plants
The entryway to The Fox Mercantile

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