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For all of our California and Texas-based clients, fall is not only a great time to install your yard, but it’s also a great time to enjoy your yard, too! Warm days fade into cool, cozy evenings, perfect for gathering friends and family around the fire pit. Pair with a glass of wine and a cheese board, and you’ve got yourself a perfect evening. Are you inspired to throw an outdoor soiree? Here are our top tips for outdoor fall decor.

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Pillows (Indoor pillows work well!)

We love pillows—they have a fantastic ability to transform any space. But, outdoor cushions can be a hassle; no matter how amazing the material (Sunbrella is excellent), they quickly accumulate dirt, dust, and mildew. If you are planning to host an outdoor event, we recommend that instead of going to the store to buy outdoor pillows, check to see what you have inside. We used a mix of big and small pillows in a white (Ikea) and a festive burnt orange (Sarah Sherman Samuel x Lulu and Georgia). These pillows live on co-founder Allison’s bed (pictured here), but since dinner guests don’t usually visit the bedroom, it’s easy to pull pillows out of hidden rooms for outdoor decor.

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Flameless Candles

Have you ever tried to light birthday candles outdoors? If so, you know how hard it can be to light candles and keep them lit when contending with the wind. Flameless candles are a genius solution for outdoor entertaining. Plus, they are fire safe!

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Flowers and Natural Decor

It’s easy to overlook flowers when entertaining outside; after all, nature abounds in the outdoors. Not so fast! Flowers and natural elements like gourds and pumpkins add color, texture, and delight to any outdoor space. For fall, we loved this look of proteas, daisies, and homegrown pumpkins. Design tip: alternate the size and color of your vases.

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A (Small) Rug

Outdoor rugs might seem silly, but they add beautiful warmth and texture to an outdoor space. Plus, carpets are so on-trend! If you don’t want to shell out too much on a rug that will inevitably get dirty, we love the look of a small mat at the foot of a couch. (Pictured here: From the Sarah Sherman Samuel x Lulu and Georgia collection)

A Fire Table

Fire pits are a popular request amongst our clients, and we love including them in our designs because they are lovely for gathering friends and family. The one downside: fire pits can take up the space that would otherwise go to a low-profile table. Enter the fire table. Powered by propane or natural gas, they have a substantial edge to support a wine glass or small plate safely.

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