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an angled, high-up view of the client's newly installed back patio area. The herringbone patio and layout closely match the 3D render.
An outdoor seating area with potting plants flanking the couch and chairs

Creativity is at the core of the Hessinger family’s everyday life. Nelson and his wife Crystal make their trade in the fashion industry and while they work hard and love what they do, their true joy comes from spending quality time with their two boys. Their sons, 8 and 3, have varying interests ranging from the artistic realm of movies, comics, and video games to the great outdoors and its joys of hiking, grilling with dad, and tinkering with toy trucks. Nelson and Crystal “ may have different interests, but we’re united by our love for each other and our passion for creativity”. With that creativity leading the way, they worked with Yardzen to refresh the outdoor space of their 1920s colonial house and create a yard that the whole family could enjoy together!

The Vision

The Hessinger’s main focus since moving into their home in 2017 has been thoughtfully restoring the interior. For years they lived with poor access to their backyard and battled drainage issues. The ultimate goal was to create a multi-functional space that included an outdoor cooking space, a lounge area, places for the kids to play, and built-in planters for their garden – all on a relatively small lot. They had a vision for their yard and just needed a little help to bring it to life.

“When it came to choosing a company to help us design our backyard, we knew we needed someone who could understand our creative vision and turn it into a reality. We were drawn to Yardzen’s design style, previous work and their price point fit our budget. Their team of experts listened to our ideas and also offered their own unique insights and recommendations. We were blown away by the digital mockups they created, which gave us a clear sense of what our backyard could become. With their help, we were able to transform our backyard from a source of frustration to a place of joy and relaxation.”

A photo of the front of the historic home, before updates were made. A tree with no leaves in the winter and the roof with constructions materials on top.
The “before” of the Hessinger’s front yard
a before photo of the backside of this historic home. The siding is currently under construction, a ladder in the foreground.
The “before” of their Yardzen backyard

The Design

Nelson, Crystal, and their Yardzen team set out to create a space that is an extension of their home – an area where they could relax together as a family and entertain while enjoying the outdoors. Another important aspect of this project was to respect the style of their colonial home and compliment it with modern features and design elements that would align with the interior.

“ Most importantly, we wanted to create a space for our kids to play outdoors and allow us to relax surrounded by the beauty of carefully curated plants and ambient lighting. We were blown away by the digital mockups they created, which gave us a clear sense of what our backyard could become.”

a 3D render of the client's backyard patio. Steps come down from the back door to a herringbone stone patio that features a built-in outdoor kitchen and a lounge seating area.
A bird’s eye view of the new design for their backyard
a 3D render that shows the front of the client's home and landscape designs. The house is shown with a dark paint color, a winding path to the front patio, and full beds of shrubs and perennials along the front of the home.
a 3D render of the client's backyard space. A children's playset sits in the right side of the lawn, the white picket fence has been updated, and you can see the new patio design in the background.
a 3D render of the client's patio, with a closer look at the built-in outdoor kitchen and lounge seating area.
a 3D render of the client's front yard, viewing from ground level. Two large flowering trees at interest and height to the landscape design.
A 3D render of the Hessinger front yard

The Result

After rolling up their sleeves to take on some of the demo work themselves, they partnered with a contractor in our Pro Network to navigate the challenges that come with a large renovation project and bring their designs to life.

“One of the biggest challenges we faced was navigating property lines and ensuring that we stayed within our boundaries. Luckily, with the help of Yardzen and their recommended contractor, we were able to make the process as seamless as possible. From the design phase to the final installation, we felt confident and were in good hands. The recommended contractor was highly skilled, incredibly communicative, and responsive… Thanks to their expertise and attention to detail we were able to enjoy our beautiful backyard without any headaches or surprises.”

an angled, high-up view of the client's newly installed back patio area. The herringbone patio and layout closely match the 3D render.
And the renders are brought to life! Victorien and Westmount Pavers by Techo-Bloc

As their 1920s home is historic in and of itself and is in a historic district, Nelson and Crystal had to navigate some fairly strict regulations when they went to install certain elements of their designs. Thankfully, their contractor was well-versed in their local regulations and was able to guide their choices to ensure that their design met all of the necessary town requirements.

The result was a space that honored the style of their home, extending the usable space into the outdoors that they love so much as a family. “Our outdoor space has been a true labor of love, and we’re thrilled with the end result.”

a wooden children's playset in the lawn
a photo of the front patio, updated with a new rug and new lounge chairs
a photo of the client's backyard patio area from the viewpoint of the back steps. A lounge area is backed by potted plants along the garage wall.
An outdoor kitchen with a grill, lit for dusk
An updated front of a historic home, lawn and hydrangeas
A narrow elevated garden bed, light for dusk

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