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Lady wearing glasses, a black sleeveless turtle neck and a mustard cardigan
Lady wearing glasses, a black sleeveless turtle neck and a mustard cardigan taking selfie.

Where do you look for outside inspiration when it comes to landscape design?

A lot of my inspiration comes from juxtapositions — the combination of modern and traditional elements and the way they complement each other. For example, historic buildings with modern lighting, traditional spaces with contemporary focal points, and formal gardens with new-age materials. I love Paris because it exemplifies these juxtapositions throughout the city.

What are your favorite elements, plants or styles to design for in a yard?

My favorite style is “modern cozy,” with contemporary elements mixed with warm and organic touches. It’s always my preference to design with low-maintenance plants, and in areas with drought, low-water plants. I also love natural elements, like wood, stone, and gravel.

A Yardzen backyard designed by Sladjana
A Nashville backyard designed by Sladjana. In this yard, hardscaping serves to differentiate outdoor rooms, and an abundance of blooms softens the edges.

What has been your favorite project to work on so far? 

One of my favorite Yardzen projects is this modern house in the mountains. With this home, I wanted to make the landscaping feel native to the beautiful surroundings and ensure that we didn’t obstruct any of the views. I used neutral and wood tones in the hardscaping and exterior design to complement the rustic, mountainous region, creating a seamless transition between the home and its surroundings.


A Yardzen design by Sladjana
One of Sladjana’s favorite design projects features new exterior paint, decks, and an intimate fire pit setting. 
A Yardzen yard designed by Sladjana
This Park City, UT home features ornamental grasses and habitat-supporting plants, evoking an organic and unfussy landscape in the backyard. 


Describe your dream landscape project – what is your favorite style to design for?

I love simple, well-organized, and distinctive spaces with multiple seating areas that are defined by contrast and lighting. I gravitate towards designing softscapes with different shades of green and gray combined with natural, wood elements. And, I’m always a fan of designing around a pool!

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