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Tropical backyard with kid's play area with slide and swings

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The wave of new electronic devices has left kids spending more time indoors than ever. Outdoor play is critical for children’s wellbeing, so it’s crucial to keep them in mind when designing your yards. For those living in or near a city, creating an outdoor space for your children can feel daunting. Whether you have minimal space or unique desires for your kids, the following will help you get the ball rolling with your project.

Here are 7 things to keep in mind while designing an outdoor space for kids:

Involve your child in the planning process. Get your children’s ideas for their ideal play space. While a rainbow rocket ship might not be attainable, they can certainly bring some needed imagination to the table. This space is for them after all.

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Incorporate nature. An outdoor space is an opportunity for you and your child to experience nature, so why not make this a focal point. Natural materials can look more attractive and help to integrate the play area with the native surroundings.

Add in yard games. Yard games, like corn hole and horseshoes, are played in narrow strips of yard, and provide great entertainment for all ages. This could be an inventive solution to odd-shaped spaces or unused side yards.

Use the vertical spaces when you’re trying to maximize usable area in your yard. Unique elements, like an outdoor chalkboard or dart board, are perfect options. They take up little to no room, and can provide hours of entertainment.

Create multi-level play areas that fit into your space’s topography. Work with what you have, and in the end you’ll have an inventive space that fits in with the natural landscape. Multi-level areas can include features like slides and climbing walls.

Include a gardening area. This is a great opportunity to introduce your children to new activities they can enjoy in your backyard. This activity doesn’t take up much space, and taking care of plants may curb their desire for a new pony. Unlikely, but worth a shot!
Make space for active play. An empty area of hardscape or yard allows your child to evolve in their interests. Hardscape will be better for biking and skating, whereas grass can provide a cushion for more risky activities.

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