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Grab your lawn chair, this year we’re taking the Super Bowl party outside 

While the world has slowed down in the last year, Covid-19 certainly hasn’t kept football from our television screens. Even though the Super Bowl will look different this year, you may be able to hold a small gathering outside to catch the big game. From projectors to personal kegs, we’ve rounded up more than a dozen social distancing game day favorites. Just remember to follow CDC guidelines for gatherings with people outside your household.


Epson Pro Projector and screens

If you don’t have a television outside or the energy to haul your flat screen outdoors, try the Espon Pro EX7260. With some 3,600 lumens, it will work well in well-lit rooms and outdoor spaces. Then project it onto a screen, like this portable version in several sizes from 60 to 150 inches, or splurge on this stand-up screen by Elite Screens.


Coleman Stainless Steel Cooler 

Single serve beverages in cans and bottles are the simplest way to keep germs to a minimum, and for keeping drinks cool we love this classic stainless-steel cooler from Coleman.

Screen Shot 2021-01-21 at 7.56.09 PM.png

Carbonated Growler 

There’s nothing like a keg party but in Covid Times, they just won’t do. This year, consider this sleek 128-ounce personal keg like this this Carbonated Growler from Growler Werks.

Screen Shot 2021-01-21 at 7.57.25 PM.png

Falcon Black Enamelware Deep Plates

We prefer a reusable plate or bowl for outdoors, rather than single use paper or plastic. So, whether for al fresco dinners, camping trips or even football games, our go-to is Falcon Enamelware. These deep-dish bowls are nearly as large as a plate but can also accommodate soup or even single-serve cheese plates. If you feel more comfortable given Covid, consider a compostable dinnerware and utensils by Bambu.

Screen Shot 2021-01-21 at 7.58.33 PM.png

Football Tumblers

What’s a game without a football? If tossing one around isn’t in the cards this year, well then just drink from one. We love these glass football tumblers. And the perfect way to keep from mixing up drinks and beers is to write each person’s name on their glass with a chalk marker.

Screen Shot 2021-01-21 at 8.04.04 PM.png

Travel Throw Blanket

Being that it’s February, we can expect that it’s going to be chilly no matter where you live. For that reason, we’re planning to layer up with these quilted, machine-washable Travel Blankets from Food52. They are small enough to fold up after the game.


Stainless Steel My Table

Let’s be honest. One of the highlights of the Superbowl is the food. Rather than juggle a drink and plate on your lap, we love the idea of a personal table. This foldable stainless-steel side table from Snow Peak is the perfect companion to pizza, wings and a beer.

Screen Shot 2021-01-21 at 8.09.56 PM.png

Outdoor Pizza Oven

Skip the pizza delivery, and instead opt for DIY individual pizzas. Just fire up the Ooni Koda 12 Gas Powered Pizza Oven, and simply ask guests to bring their own toppings.

Screen Shot 2021-01-21 at 8.10.58 PM.png

Grill and skewers 

For roasting individual hotdogs or even s’mores, this small-scale Barebones Living fire pit and grill will get the job done. Allocate each party-goer their own skewer and roasting timeslot to keep a safe distance.

Screen Shot 2021-01-21 at 8.00.25 PM.png

REI Padded Lawn Chair 

The best way to seat guests may be to suggest they B.Y.O.C or bring their own chairs. And these low padded lawn chairs from REI are the perfect combination of on-the-go-convenience meet plush comfort. Plus, we love the mix of black metal legs with wood arms with the cool gray seat.

Screen Shot 2021-01-21 at 7.59.27 PM.png

Popcorn boxes 

While single serving is the name of the game, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun. These sideline popcorn boxes from Etsy will hold the perfect snack for enjoying during the halftime show.

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