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Here at Yardzen, we’re always dreaming up ways to make our outdoor spaces more warm, inviting, and purposeful. And, one of the most used, yet overlooked spaces is the front porch—the focal point of many front yards.

Adding seasonal, beautiful, and functional elements to your front porch is an easy way to transform the look and feel of your whole front yard. So, we’ve rounded-up some of our favorite front porch accessories to help transform your home’s front into a beautiful and functional space where you can you can display even your broom and muddy garden clogs in style.

Seasonal touches

We love adding a seasonal touch to any front porch. Think: pumpkins in the fall and a small, light-adorned plant in the winter. There’s no need to go overboard. A couple of thoughtful pieces goes a long way in setting a mood.

Add a center piece

We like to think of setting a front porch like setting a table. In that spirit, a center piece is important for drawing the eye in. In the above Yardzen front yard, the potted lavender anchors the shot and ties the whole space together.


Make it welcoming

Add warmth and texture to any front porch by adding a wreath. We love this feather & wheat wreath. Made in Monterey, Calif. and woven with dried wheat and pheasant feathers, we love the juxtaposition of structure with a little bit of wild.

Screen Shot 2020-10-20 at 6.04.08 PM.png

Get hooked

We’re big advocates of hooks and peg racks indoors and out for good reason. This accordion rack is the perfect catchall for hanging gloves, harvest baskets and keeping small, everyday gardening tools easily accessible.


Wipe up

Our criteria for the perfect doormat is both durable, easy to clean and never drifts from its post. This Knot Weave Doormat from Terrain is a favorite.

Screen Shot 2020-10-20 at 6.13.51 PM.png

Add function

There’s something absolutely zen about sweeping but make that broom a hand-carved beauty and we’re betting your walkway will stay spotless all season. We’re obsessed with these hardwood octagonal handled beauties by Hannah Beatrice Quinn. Made in Santa Fe, New Mexico she says her brooms elevate this ordinary task and we’re buying it.


Table it

Keep the comforts of home outdoors with the perfect perch for a coffee mug, speaker or maybe even a potted herb or two. We love this Shaker Accent Table for its effortless styling.

Screen Shot 2020-10-20 at 6.25.16 PM.png

Corral the clogs

We love bringing the outdoors in, but not necessarily the dirt and mud. Carving out a covered landing spot for muddy boots or gardening clogs with this Black Smith boot tray keeps things neat and tidy inside and out.

Hunter women's gardener clogs

Easy does it

Speaking of muddy gardening clogs, we love this classic, earthy hued waterproof version by Hunter Boots. Easy to slip off and on at the front door, they’re lined in neoprene for comfort and durability. They’re available in men’s sizes and styles, too.

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