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5 Simple Ideas for Rewilding Your Yard

Yardzen’s CEO, Allison Messner, speaks with Design Director and Landscape Architect Kevin Lenhart on sustainable design and simple ways to rewild your yard. Small, smart choices can make a huge impact in your yard and for the entire planet. Watch their conversation in the video below:

Include Native and Climate Adapted Plants

You can support biodiversity and healthy ecosystems by using climate-adapted and habitat-supporting plants in your yard. If you’re not sure of which plant varieties are native to your area, consult your local nursery or visit and enter your zip code for  a list of plants native to your area. 

Opt for Sustainable Hardscaping

Especially when it comes to decking, look for wood that has been certified by the Forrest Stewardship Council (FSC) – you’ll know that wood was raised in a sustainable way. There are also composite material choices you can make: composite decking looks like wood, is extremely durable, and is made from partial ‘wood waste’ that gets compressed with plastics to create an earth-friendly material that will hold up in your space for years to come.

Choose Durable, Eco-Friendly Furniture
It’s simple: by purchasing durable furniture, you create less waste. If you don’t need to replace something every season, you stop contributing to the ‘single use’ cycle responsible for much of the planet’s waste issues. Our partner, Yardbird, not only creates durable outdoor furniture, but uses recycled ocean plastic to build it. The longer something lasts, the better – and if it’s made using recycled materials, even better!

Reduce Heat Islands

Heat islands are urbanized areas that experience higher temperatures due to concrete infrastructure that absorbs and re-emits the sun’s heat and blocks airflow. It’s easy to combat the cycle in your own backyard by including native plants in your space and adding shady areas with trees, pergolas, or other sun-escape options.

Capture Rainwater

Rain barrels are an easy and affordable way to capture water from your roof and hold it for later use such as on lawns, gardens or indoor plants. When not collected, this becomes water runoff that collects pesticides, chemicals, and other materials.. By reducing water runoff, we reduce the waste that finds its way into our waterways.


Take a look at the American Rewilding Project to learn more about Yardzen’s sustainability mission.

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