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A modern, cedar wood playhouse

Summer’s upon us and now more than ever your kids will play outside. If you’re like most parents who come to Yardzen to redesign their outdoor spaces, a cozy, creative playspace for your kids is at the top of your priority list. Here are some universal guidelines for choosing the perfect spot in your yard for your kids’ dream playspace.

Start with the perimeter

To maximize use of your backyard and ensure you’re left with room for the other elements you want — that gorgeous patio, the vegetable garden and the outdoor kitchen, to name a few — consider placing your playspace along the perimeter of your property. If you have a fence this serves the added bonus of providing a backdrop and, in effect, adding major coziness factor.

Work with the elements you already have

There’s nothing like a good climbing tree if you’re a kid, and if you’re lucky enough to have one or a few, particularly along a fence line, this is likely your playspace spot. Incorporate the tree(s) in your design and make it look like your playspace not only belongs there, but has always been there.

Keep it in view

You could create the most amazing playspace for your kids, but if you can’t see them playing from a convenient vantage point, it just won’t work. Especially if your kids are small you’ll be dragging a chair to where you can watch, or constantly going back and forth to check on them. So why not choose a spot where you can easily watch them play. From a patio, from a kitchen window, from the living room. If it’s not obvious work with your Yardzen designer to choose the best spot where you can keep an eye on them as they play.

Work with topography

Maybe the slope of your yard is a thorn in your past design attempts, but here at Yardzen we say embrace it! Work with a hill to create a playground for your kids that you’d have loved yourself as a child. The possibilities for climbing walls and slides are limitless.

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