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Backyard with an outdoor dining space and lounge area with fire pit
Credit: Goldenbird Design (@goldenbirddesign); Photo by Bess Friday
An “organic” Yardzen yard with softer lines and lushness. Note the interlocking pavers underfoot, which add a timeless, earthy quality.

Top 2023 Style: Organic

In the coming year, Yardzen’s designers are predicting a movement away from modernism—clean lines, stark contrasts, minimal plantings—and a renewed appreciation for organic shapes and textures that recall the English cottage (you’ll see cottages everywhere this year). Think: stone, interlacing pavers, and brick plus an abundance of plants and flowers—perfect for pollinators!

Walking path with dense colorful flowers and plants
Credit: Meagan Halley
A walking path hemmed by habitat-supporting wildflowers and regional flowers.

Maximalist Plantings

Bring on the blooms! Building off of our 2023 top style trend—organic—you can expect to see a re-emergence of maximalist plantings with a penchant for pollinator-loving flowers. Not only is this floral abundance good for the planet, it is also easy to care for—optimize for plants that are happy doing their own thing with little human intervention. Our favorites include regional wildflowers, Coneflower, Sages, Hydrangeas, Lavender, Aster, Rhododendron, Milkweed, Black-eyed Susan, Marigold, Bergamot, and more! Work with Yardzen’s horticultural team to determine the best, climate-appropriate or native plants and flowers for your yard.

Backyard with small heated plunge pool and deck lounge area
A heated saltwater plunge pool for year-round outdoor enjoyment.

Wellness Yards

Homeowners want to capitalize on not only the health benefits of being outside, but the space a backyard affords for dedicated wellness elements. They’re seeking out ways to transform their outdoor space into spa-like environments replete with cedar or infrared saunas, heated and cold plunge pools, daybeds and yoga platforms. This trend continues to grow especially as more remote workers find ways to achieve a “digital detox” in their own home and work space.

The Year of the Renovator

As Yardzen’s CEO, Allison Messner, explained in this interview, many homeowners are delaying an imminent move as the housing market experiences volatility with high interest rates. We expect to see many Yardzen clients investing in outdoor improvements that make them love the home they have. Think: investments in joy, like a fire pit for gathering with friends or a dining area for alfresco family memories.

Backyard with plunge pool, outdoor fire pit area, and pergola covered outdoor dining area with fireplace

The Plunge Pool

The plunge pool emerged as a top trend amongst Yardzen clients in 2022—so popular, in fact, that we landed in the New York Times with an article aptly titled “Don’t Call it a Swimming Pool.” Plunge pools, which are less expensive, require less maintenance, and take up less space than a traditional swimming pool, are a top choice for clients who are eager for a contained water feature that looks beautiful in any yard.

“Size Up” At Home with Creative Use of Space

As homeowners hunker down in their current home, they are looking for creative solutions to expand their square footage. We’re seeing a sharp increase in the number of people who work with a Yardzen designer to maximize their side yard, creating functional spaces for relaxing, gathering, and growing edible gardens. Closely related, many Yardzen clients are getting creative with space by adding sheds to their yard—the much less expensive option to an ADU. Tuff Shed is Yardzen’s go-to with several customization options to create the perfect storage solution, home office, kid hangout, or gardening shed.

Family sitting on front porch steps with two young children and lush lavender growing alongside front walkway
Yardzen clients enjoying their new front yard in Burlingame, CA

Designing Your Custom Yard for Style and Function

Yardzen’s award-winning online landscaping design is tailored to homeowners across the United States. Our design process begins with understanding your space and a discussion of your budget and vision to minimize surprises when it comes time to build. 

We want to make sure our team of professional landscape architects and designers can personalize your yard, delivering a vision that includes what’s most important for your outdoor life, style, and unique environment while keeping costs within range. We do this by utilizing our in-house Build Team made up of former landscape contractors with years of experience and our Pro Network of vetted professional landscapers across the country.

Ready to level up your outdoor spaces with a professional landscape design? Yardzen can help. Create your design profile or explore our design packages today!

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