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The Year of the
Yard Escape

Trend Report 2024

As we navigate the 2020s, we’re in pursuit of more moments to escape.

Our journeys have shown us that serenity often lies just steps from home. Having traveled the world and back, we’ve learned there is nothing like the solace of our own backyard. We welcome – The Year of the Yard Escape

As interest rates continue to rise, Americans are improving their homes and reimagining their outdoor living spaces. Starter homes are evolving into forever homes, and empty nests are transforming into retirement retreats. This shift drives a renewed exploration of outdoor living as people seek comfort and connection in their backyards, creating personal oases that reflect their journey and values.

The well-documented health benefits of spending outside are resonating more than ever. Homeowners are creating outdoor spaces that further enhance wellness: mocktail gardens, saunas, color, and aromatic gardens designed to delight the senses. With over 70,000 yard projects completed, Yardzen has unique insight into what homeowners request and gravitate towards – bringing you the 2024 Outdoor Living Trend Report.


Affordable Luxuries

The movement toward accessible backyard luxuries underscores a preference for quick, affordable solutions to stay cool during the summer, with above-ground options gaining popularity for their ease and style.

Different pop-up pools like stock tank pools and Minnidip are trending for their affordability, ease of installation, and space efficiency, marking a shift towards budget-friendly backyard updates with a chic appeal.


Back to Bold Color

We’re witnessing a colorful revolution in yard design. Moving away from traditional neutrals only, our customers are incorporating vibrant hues through both flora and furnishings 64% more. 
To create a personalized color story that suits your area – we’re looking to vibrant furnishing, doors, and botanicals.


Mocktail Gardens

More and more folks are reaching for a non-alcoholic beverage. With the rise of the sober curious, people are looking for ways to make delicious mocktails at home. Think fragrant Nojitos and zesty Cucumber Basil Smashes right from your backyard. Get started with our top herb picks for a truly immersive sensory experience.


Retirement YOLO Yard

Retirees are transforming retirement into a dynamic phase of life, focusing on reimagining, reconnecting, and renewing. As empty nesters gain more freedom to customize their living spaces, there’s a noticeable shift towards creating environments that foster well-being and personal interests. 

Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health highlights the significant health benefits of outdoor time, such as improved sleep, lower blood pressure, enhanced cognitive function, and reduced chronic disease risks. Knowing this, individuals are increasingly interested in tailoring their yards to suit their desires—large fountains, outdoor yoga studios, butterfly gardens, or even mini pickleball courts.


Hyrbid Work from Home

With the enduring popularity of hybrid working from home, there’s a noticeable shift towards embracing outdoor office spaces. As this movement gains momentum, it’s clear that the boundaries of the traditional workspace are expanding, inviting nature to be our co-worker in the most literal sense. This novel approach enriches our workday experience and reacquaints us with the simple joy of being outdoors. 


Dog Play Yards

More of our customers are requesting designs specifically for dogs—we saw an 84% increase in designs that included a dog house in the past year. This movement goes beyond simple pet-friendly additions, incorporating elements like durable, non-toxic plants, ample shade, and secure fencing to ensure a safe and stimulating environment. 

We’ve seen aesthetic water features that double as drinking spots, alongside designated digging zones and agility courses, blending form and function seamlessly. You can start your dog-friendly yard today with Yardzen’s Pet Paradise Package.


Return to Romance: Floral Gardens

Return to Romance celebrates the diverse scents that can transform outdoor spaces. This approach advocates for a floral garden that is visually appealing and offers a rich and continuous aromatic experience, with scents ranging from sweet and floral to fresh and herbal. 

By carefully selecting fragrant flowers that bloom in succession and combining different scent profiles like jasmine, lavender, and mint, homeowners can create a garden that not only pleases the eyes but also provides a delightful sensory experience all year round. Strategically placing these plants near walkways and seating areas enhances the experience, transforming the garden into a sensory haven.


Going Wild

The wild look is in: meadows, native plantings, cottage gardens, and lawn and turf alternatives remain a focus for homeowners. The organic feeling of a wild garden favoring plants that grow abundantly in the local climate alongside winding pathways and with benches and nooks to enjoy nature is something that Yardzen clients are seeking as they look to replace the ornamental lawn.


Rain Gardens

Rain Gardens are gaining traction as an eco-conscious yard design trend that focuses on efficiently utilizing fallen rainwater. These gardens act as natural filtration systems for runoff from impervious surfaces, mitigating erosion and water pollution. They leverage the resilience of native plants to support groundwater replenishment and biodiversity, marrying functionality with aesthetic appeal in outdoor spaces.


Smart Saunas

Saunas, so hot right now. People are catching on to the massive benefits of regular sauna use, as the search volume for outdoor saunas has increased by over 76% in the last year.

Saunas can offer a retreat where you can unwind, detoxify, and rejuvenate right in the comfort of your own backyard. They’ve been linked to numerous health benefits, including improved cardiovascular health, muscle relaxation, and enhanced mood through the release of endorphins. With innovative designs and smart technology, creating a personalized oasis has never been more accessible or appealing.


The Anti-Trend : The Personalized Yard

Perhaps the biggest trend of all is in abandoning trends all together. Homeowners are embracing their personal taste and creating outdoor spaces that speak to their individual preferences and lifestyle. Whether that’s a manicured romantic rosegarden, a wild oasis for chasing butterflies, a functional outdoor space to embrace hybrid work, or a wellness retreat in your own backyard, homeowners are creating unique outdoor spaces that are not tied to any one trend or style in particular.

Yardzen customers spend additional 24 hours outside each year.

Design your yard for year round outdoor living!