Snap a photo or record a video, get a professional design. Planning a beautiful yard has never been this delightful.


How does it work?


Choose your plan then complete your Design Profile, where you show your Yardzen team the space you want to plant.

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A pro landscape designer creates a design, with hand-selected plants based on your property's unique characteristics + your goals.


Receive a just-for-your-property design. Comes with rendering(s), layout, planting plan, and plant quantities.


Which Botanical plan is right for me?

Yardzen offers two Botanical options: Partial Yard and Full Yard. Both include plants only. Looking for hardscape and other elements in your design? Choose a comprehensive plan.

Full Yard includes your entire yard, regardless of size. Includes up to 30 views, delivered in lifelike 3-D.


Partial Yard is designed for a smaller area that can fit in a single photograph. Includes one view.


Partial Yard Botanical: Get inspired by this San Jose, California backyard garden transformation.


Full Yard Botanical: Explore this Marin County entire-property landscaping makeover.


All Botanical Plans Include:

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Render with plant callouts

Yardzen’s life-like renderings show you how your space could look with the new, proposed plants planted.

Work with a professional designer. (49).png

Full plant list with quantities

Hand selected for you, based on your preferences and your area’s unique planting zone, sun and shade.

Work with a professional designer. (48).png

Planting plan that’s ready to go

Planting instructions with depth and spacing specifications. DIY or pass to your landscaper.




Professional Design Makes All the Difference. 

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Have questions? Consultation with a Yardzen design associate is always free.

Our world-class team is at the ready to tell you everything you need to know about Yardzen. (We’re very responsive!)