Why we're now exclusively serving California and Texas

Starting Monday, March 25, Yardzen will provide services exclusively in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, the greater Los Angeles area, the greater Austin, Texas area and the greater Houston, Texas area. If you’re unsure about whether or not Yardzen serves your city, you can contact us here.

Why are we limiting our services to just two states for the time being?

Nine months in we've more than proven that online outdoor space design is not only possible, but superior to the analog process in many ways. We've completed hundreds of designs for homeowners across the country (and internationally!) and done so while maintaining an industry-leading customer satisfaction rate. So while our goal continues to be building the world's best landscape design firm, as a startup we've decided to focus our efforts for the time being. A focus on specific regions allows us to perfect the entire process, from design through to project completion.


Why California and Texas?

With our headquarters in Sausalito, CA — just across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco — and a rich network of vetted landscape contractors close to home, the Bay Area was an obvious place for us to focus. Beyond that, Los Angeles, Houston and Austin share much in common. Aside from being areas where we saw lots of organic growth, the three regions’ moderate climates lend nicely to indoor/outdoor living and investment in outdoor living spaces.

We’ll be adding additional regions in quick order.

We feel strongly that everyone, everywhere should have access to exceptional, accessible landscape design, so while we’re only offering landscape design and contractor matching services in California and Texas for now, we’re actively selecting the next regions we’ll expand to and service. If you live outside of our coverage areas and want Yardzen in your city next, please weigh in below. We’re all ears. Thank you for your support!