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With our country turned upside down by tragedy and political unrest, we turned to our community to ask “how can we help?” “How can we do better?” The resounding answer: DO SOMETHING. So, that’s exactly what we intend. After conversations with our team about how to best leverage our technology and resources, we’re excited to announce Yardzen’s GROW Community Garden Grant program.

Every quarter, we will submit a call for applications for a $500 grant and free Yardzen design for a new or existing community garden in an underserved neighborhood. In addition, our team of landscape designers and edible garden experts will remain available to the grant recipients for coaching and consultation.

Why community gardens?

Community gardens are spaces that represent so much of what we believe in: connecting with the land, spending time outside, creating community, and exploring the natural world. According to the CDC, community gardens may offer physical and mental health benefits by providing opportunities to:

  • Eat healthy fresh fruits and vegetables.

  • Engage in physical activity, skill building, and creating green space.

  • Beautify vacant lots.

  • Revitalize communities in industrial areas.

  • Revive and beautify public parks.

  • Decrease violence in some neighborhoods, and improve social well-being through strengthening social connections.

Learn more here.

How to apply

To apply, please send applications to [email protected] with the subject line: “GROW application.” Please include the follow information.

  1. First and last name of applicant, applicant’s relationship to the garden, and applicant’s contact information (email address and phone number)

  2. Garden location- city, state, and proposed or existing address

  3. New or existing community garden?

    1. If new: please tell us the steps that have been taken/need to be completed to get the community garden up and running.

    2. If existing: please tell us a little history of the space

  4. Who will the garden serve?

  5. Why does this project need the $500 grant? How will the $500 be used?

We may ask additional follow-up questions after receiving your application.

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