What to Expect From the Yardzen Design Process

After you complete your Design Profile and choose your package the entire Yardzen design process takes about 2-3 weeks.

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Show us your property

Before we can dive into the fun stuff we first have to confirm your property's boundaries and attributes and get a sense for space and place. So as part of the Design Profile we ask you to upload photos of your property.  Have a Site Plan from a recent remodel? Send it on over. 

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Collaborate with your Concierge


While your Yardzen team is working on your design we encourage you to continue sharing ideas and concepts with your Concierge over email. Elements that you like — and that work for your property —will ultimately make it into your landscape design.

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Get your design + planting plan

The step everyone looks forward to most: getting your design. Your Yardzen package includes not only lifelike 3D renderings but a detailed planting plan. Yardzen plans are designed to be easily interpretable and immediately implementable by landscape and other contractors.

I’ve lived in my house for 11 years and my front yard — seldom used in the past — is now my go-to entertaining area. Can’t recommend Yardzen enough.”
— Kevin W., Marin County, CA