The Yardzen Water Commitment

How much water can we conserve together?


Yardzen's home state of California is in crisis.


One needs to look no further than the health of the California native wild Salmon populations for proof. The health of these salmon is the biggest indicator of the overall health of our rivers and streams. And it's not looking good. The most recent winter run of Chinook salmon saw the beloved fish nearly go extinct.

The reason California salmon are in trouble is complicated, but mostly it's due to water. How much of it there is, where it goes, where it doesn't go. 


But there's good news.


We can do something to help salmon and help our water crisis and by each doing a little we can do a lot.

Yardzen is committed to water conservation and when property owners work with Yardzen they are, too.


Here's what we're committed to doing:


  • - Default to low-water and low maintenance plants.
  • - Salvage existing plants with established roots and low water needs where possible.
  • - Avoid water hogs like green lawns.


Want to hear more about Yardzen's water conservation practices? Have ideas for ways we can be better? We're all ears at