Introducing the Botanical Full from Yardzen.

The new, expert-guided way to choose and lay out custom-selected plants for your entire yard.

Scroll and explore a real Botanical Full for a real Yardzen client:




Client: Busy family of five in California.

Style: Modern, primarily native plants.

Zone: 9B


Frequently asked questions:

  • What does a Botanical Full include?

    Hand-selected plants for your entire property, regardless of size. Your Botanical Full design will be delivered in life-like 3D with enough individual renderings to see the entire space.

  • Will a landscape contractor be able to implement my design?

    Yes, your design will also include a traditional plan-view planting plan with plant types and planting instructions.

  • Does the Botanical Full include hardscape elements like pathways and patios?

    If you’re looking for hardscape also choose a Partial or Full Yard design. The Botanical Full includes plants only.

  • How are the plants in a Botanical Full chosen?

    Plants will be chosen by a Yardzen designer on the basis of your style and maintenance preferences, your home’s aesthetic, your climate and any other unique characteristics.

  • How is this different from a Botanical Partial?

    The Botanical Partial is intended for just one small space that fits in a single photograph. Say a side yard, for example. Further, the deliverable is one single rendering and doesn’t include Yardzen’s signature 3D.

  • How long does a Plant Refresh take to complete?

    Please allow up to two weeks and we’ll do our best to exceed your expectations.