Here’s a peek into how we approach your design and project

We aim to deliver exactly what you want, with a focus on sustainability and achievability.

Our philosophy on plants:

Native and ecologically adapted, wherever possible. Sustainable and resilient landscape design is best, and that sometimes means working with the established plants you already have — we’ll try to give them a second life with new companion plants. A resilient yard can survive with little water and maintenance, endures through harsh weather and the rigors of use by kids and pets, keeps invasives at bay and contributes to local habitat and tree canopy, grows lush and abundant year after year. Only those plants that are suited for your yard will thrive, so cut to the chase and work from that palette.

Our philosophy on materials:

Form should follow function without sacrifice. We're experts in the basics — decking, paving and stone — and we'll gladly explain the pros and cons of each. We’ll take into account not just your climate but who uses your outdoor spaces. (Have an energetic dog that races across your back patio? We’ll guide you toward something that will stand up to scratches.) We aim to stay current on the latest in emerging sustainable materials and will suggest something special or repurposed if it makes sense for your project.

Our philosophy on water:

Low water by default. Unless you specify otherwise, we’ll choose plants that are already acclimated to your climate and conditions, and cut down on water requirements naturally.

Our philosophy on lawns:

Alternatives are worth exploring. If you want a lush, green lawn we’re certainly not going to stand in your way. But we might politely explain the advantages of alternatives, like low-water ground cover and artificial turf, which we prefer.

Our philosophy on design:

We’re experts who are executing your vision. We want to know everything about you, your property, and how you want to live in your outdoor spaces, in addition to all of your property’s unique characteristics. Then we’ll deliver a design that — depending on the creative agency you’ve granted us permission to express — either closely reflects what you want, or introduces the new ideas you’re looking for. We aim to deliver a design that will thrive, where defined by both being beautiful and functional you, but also helping with local ecology by providing habitat, vegetative cover and stormwater capture. Our ultimate goal is to help you spend more quality time outdoors in the comfort of your own sanctuary. Good design is how we get you there.

Have thoughts or ideas about our philosophy and approach?