The most delightful way to design your yard, all online.

Yardzen Full and Partial Yard packages can include not only plants, but decks, pergolas, pathways, play structures — everything fit for your property and life.

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Tell us about you, your property & lifestyle

Start by completing your Design Profile and uploading photos  and videos of your outdoor spaces. Then choose the best package for your project, full yard or just start with front or back.


Your Yardzen Design Team Gets to Work

With your Design Profile in hand, your concierge and designer start crafting a just-for-you design. They determine your planting zone, sun and shade patterns and slope to choose plants that not only match your style but should thrive at your property. Plus all of the hardscape, structural and other elements fit for your life.

Pro landscaper + your most challenging outdoor space = Botanical Makeover (54).png
Pro landscaper + your most challenging outdoor space = Botanical Makeover (54) copy.png


Your designs, full of life-like 3D renderings, leave little to the imagination. Say goodbye to flat designs and hello to Yardzen. Your landscape design package will include several renderings, including night time views and close-ups, and an easy-to-interpret, detailed plan you can hand off to a landscaper or contractor to turn your design into reality. 



What can be included in my Yardzen landscape design?

  • Hand-selected plants

  • Patios and decks and hardscape

  • Pools

  • Pergolas and overhead coverage

  • Kids’ play structures and creative play areas

  • Dedicated pet areas

  • Fire features

  • Terracing and retaining walls

  • Vegetable, herb, cutting and cocktail gardens

  • Outdoor kitchens and living rooms

  • And whatever else you want. Just ask!


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Frequently Asked Questions


How long does the design process take?

Our designers can work with any schedule, so if you're in a hurry (preparing to list your house for sale, getting ready to host a big event), just let your concierge know and he/she will be happy to expedite your design. That said, the average Yardzen design takes about 2-3 weeks from start to finish.

What if I don't like my design at first?

Not to worry! Full Yard and Partial Yard packages include a revision so if you're not 100% happy with the first design you'll have an opportunity to communicate changes to your designer and see them incorporated. Keep in mind, however, most Yardzen clients are thrilled with their first design and have only minor changes.

How do you choose my designer?

Your designer is selected for your project based on a variety of factors, ranging from your style to your planting zone. Our designers are industry stars, with bachelor's and master's degrees in Landscape Design and Landscape Architecture. We have team members who specialize in all aesthetics. 



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Location: Marin County, CA

Homeowners: A young family that loves to entertain



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