Yardzen is based in Marin County, CA.

We value great design, natural light and fresh air. We’d love to hear why you’d be our next great team member.

We’re looking for Contractor Matching Concierges to own the process of matching Yardzen clients with the ideal landscape contractor to implement their design. As a concierge you’ll build and maintain relationships with the best landscape contractors in each of our target geographies: the San Francisco Bay Area, greater Los Angeles, Austin, TX and Houston, TX.


  • You’re interested in landscape contracting and outdoor renovation projects.

  • You have a passion for the outdoors and an interest in sustainability (which is core to the Yardzen ethos).

  • You’re willing to roll up your sleeves when necessary to get something shipped, and slow down when necessary to ensure an excellent Yardzen experience for both clients and contractors.

  • You’re detail oriented and skilled at developing systems to track lots of moving pieces.

Contractor Matching Concierge

E-Landscape Designer

We're looking for experienced landscape designers who, like us, are passionate about helping people unlock their yard's true potential. We're looking for people who both have an encyclopedic knowledge of planting zones and can pick out a mid-century modern fire pit without breaking a sweat. Sound familiar? We want to meet you. 


  • Bachelor's or Master's Degree in Landscape Architecture or Landscape Design OR minimum 3 years experience.

  • Proficiency in modern landscape design software.

  • Excited about working in a fast-paced startup environment.

Design Concierge

Yardzen Design Concierges are the backbone of our entire process. They're there when the client has a question about dimensions in their site plan or needs to change their schedule to accommodate their 6 year-old's birthday party. You get the point. Are you a born people person? Love to make lists and remember details. Sounds perfect. Lets talk.


  • Bachelor's Degree

  • At least two years of work experience in a sales, customer service or support role.

  • Proficient in or can quickly learn modern technology services like G Suite and Airtable.

  • Passionate about plants and helping people.


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