Our Mission:

To design exceptional outdoor spaces for real people, just like you. All online.

Using technology, to deliver an experience that’s better than the one you’d expect from the traditional, analog design process. And to see your project all the way through to completion.

But above all, to help you and your loved ones spend more quality time together, outside. (And boost your property value while we’re at it through smart outdoor renovation investments!)

After going through the process of designing landscapes at our own properties, we realized there has to be a better way. One that doesn't cost property owners many thousands of dollars for the design alone. But delivers a plan that provides every bit as much value as traditional landscape design. So we set out to come up with one. 

Starting with just your address and an understanding of your lifestyle, taste, budget and how you want to use your outdoor space, Yardzen designs the perfect yard for you. And even nudges you out of your comfort zone if you give us the OK. 

Using a rich toolset of technologies, coupled with sheer enthusiasm for the process, we factor the complex pieces like slope, sunlight and existing plantings, pathways, stairs and structures, freeing you up to simply choose how you want your space to look, feel and be used. Then, should you choose, we connect you with vetted landscapers and contractors who can make your outdoor space dreams become a reality.  


Who We Are

Allison Rhodes Messner   Co-Founder    Meet Allison

Allison Rhodes Messner


Meet Allison

Adam Messner   Co-Founder    Meet Adam

Adam Messner


Meet Adam


What they’re saying

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Open Positions

E-Landscape Designer

We're looking for experienced landscape designers who, like us, are passionate about helping people unlock their yard's true potential. We're looking for people who both have an encyclopedic knowledge of planting zones and can pick out a mid-century modern fire pit without breaking a sweat. Sound familiar? We want to meet you. 


  • Bachelor's or Master's Degree in Landscape Architecture or Landscape Design OR minimum 3 years experience.

  • Proficiency in modern landscape design software.

  • Excited about working in a fast-paced startup environment.


Yardzen concierges are the backbone of our entire process. They're there when the client has a question about dimensions in their site plan or needs to change their schedule to accommodate their 6 year-old's birthday party. You get the point. Are you a born people person? Love to make lists and remember details. Sounds perfect. Lets talk.



  • Bachelor's Degree

  • At least two years of work experience in a sales, customer service or support role.

  • Proficient in or can quickly learn modern technology services like G Suite and Airtable.

  • Passionate about plants and helping people.


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